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The Left is having a sheeyit fit over the effect Tim Tebow is having on high school students across the country, with one media personality telling Tebow to STFU about Jesus.  And one flaccid quarterback is whining about all the attention the young Christian quarterback is getting. And… a Connecticut Rabbi maintains that should Tebow win the Super Bowl, the faithful (i.e. Christians) will “do insane things,“ explaining that a win would ”buoy [Tebow’s] faithful” and lead to mosque burnings, gay bashing and the banishment of immigrants.

Talking about Jesus and Christianity has the effect of pouring salt on a snail with these leftists.  It reminds one of the church scene in The Omen in which young Damien begins writhing in pain as his family approaches God’s house of worship for services.

I’m going to be glued to the set this Sunday at game time. And I’ll be Tebowing every time he gets the ball.  And to the rest of the Left?  Take some advice from Bill Press — STFU.

From Memeorandum

Long Island high-school students suspended for ‘Tebowing’  —  The Tebow mania sweeping the nation sacked a group of Long Island high-school students who were suspended for mimicking the quarterback’s famous prayer pose.  —  Twin brothers Tyler and Connor Carroll of Riverhead HS …
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Christopher Hunt / ESPN:
High schoolers banned for Tebowing
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