So which Cabinet position did he promise her?  Did he promise to put her on the short list for VP? Which was it, Gov. Haley?

Political whoremanship.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said her decision to endorse Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential race became clear two weeks ago.

At the end of November, Haley ducked out of a Republican Governors Association meeting in Orlando and drove down to Tampa to meet privately with Romney.

There, Haley said she had to ask Romney “some tough questions” about a variety of topics – including the controversial health insurance mandate he implemented in Massachusetts.

“I have talked to him about the health care situation,” she told CNN in a phone interview Friday. “He is very aware that that is not something I want in South Carolina.”

Haley said Romney assured her that he will grant a waiver to South Carolina to opt out of President Barack Obama’s health care law, and said he will push to repeal the law if elected.

She came away from the meeting convinced.