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On Monday night’s radio program, I talked about Angelo Codavilla’s feature “America’s Ruling Class — and the Perils of Revolution”

Codavilla says it will demand of us much more than just voting in elections every two years if our Republic is to survive the way our Founders intended.

It’s going to take constant vigilance, commitment, determination, and active participation in the process, from the cellular level — the local school board, city council to all the body parts — county, state, and beyond.

Codavilla writes that the unions and their leaders are a large measure of the heartbeat of the Ruling Class. “The union gets 2 percent of the workers’ pay, which it recycles as contributions to the Democratic Party, which it recycles in greater power over public employees.”

Which brings me to Wisconsin and the battle being waged there for the body politic, infested with the cancer of modern day unions that feed from its hosts — the schoolteacher or nurse or other public service employee who “is part of the hierarchy of a sector organization affiliated with the Ruling class. Less and less do such persons count as voters.”

Obama’s allies are pouring cash into an underhanded effort to destroy successful conservatives & seize power, but we’re sounding the alarm and preparing to beat back the onslaught of class warfare and mob mentality.

The Wisconsin State Journal is out with a new report today showing that liberal groups have already raised more than $1.2 MILLION in their effort to RECALL conservative Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

And this does not include the money they’ve raised to RECALL four other Republican State Senators in Wisconsin in their effort to take over not just the governor’s office but the state legislature as well.

We must raise the money to fight back – we cannot allow the Left to win this race.

We have until this Friday – December 23rd – to raise as much money as we can to DEFEAT these 5 RECALL efforts against Republicans in Wisconsin.

We urgently need your help now more than ever.  You can support this effort to help us DEFEAT the RECALL by making a contributionHERE.

The following is our “Hero’s List” of individuals who have made contributions of $200 or more supporting Governor Scott Walker in the past 3 days.  You can add your name to the list by contributing $200 or more online – HERE.

Richard of Columbus, IN – $500
Eric of Carmel, IN – $500
Alexis of Rosindale, MA – $500
Brice of Ross, CA – $300
Mark of Merced, CA – $250
David of Nashua, NH – $250
Gregory of Essington, PA – $250
George of Vancouver, WA – $250
Josephine of San Antonio – $200
Dianne of Charlotte, NC – $200
William of Napa, CA – $200
Michael of Ft. Worth, TX – $200
Richard of Cincinnati, OH – $200
Burt of Dallas, TX – $200
Rusty of Baxter, TN – $200
Marianne of Alamagordo, NM – $200
Richard of Napa, CA – $200
Thomas of San Diego, CA – $200
Michele of Highland, MI – $200
Susan of Sewickley, PA – $200
Dirk of Weems, VA – $200
Anthony of Summit, NJ – $200
James of Chicago, IL – $200
Linda of Monee, IL – $200
Harold of Kent, OH – $200
Jill of Aurora, IN – $200
Susan of Midland, TX – $200
Pat of Tarzana, CA – $200
Lloyd of Mccook, NE – $200
Ralph of San Antonio, TX – $200

You can contribute anywhere from as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000 to help us defeat this RECALL Gov. Scott Walker campaign. 

We would appreciate the most generous contribution you can afford so we can defeat this RECALL campaign, just as we defeated the previous 6 RECALL campaigns.  Many of you have contributed $250, $1,000 or more up to $5,000 and we thank you for your contributions.  The liberal groups we are facing have already raised millions of dollars, so we have to build as large of a warchest as possible to combat them.

CONTRIBUTE HERE: https://secure.donationsafe.com/cdbo

Thank you very much for your support.  If you prefer you can also mail in a contribution to our headquarters:

Campaign To Defeat Obama
P.O. Box 601684
Sacramento, CA 95860-1684

Also, be sure to share this email with your friends on Twitter & Facebook: