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This is NOT the first time we’ve heard this.  I’ve posted about it several times and talked about it on my radio show — many times.  From Steven Emerson to Frank Gaffney to Jayna Davis to Pamela Geller to Tom Trento to Robert Spencer and others, I’ve interviewed them about this very thing. 

If you don’t think the enemy is among us, hiding in plain sight and formulating policies that constrict us with the intention of defeating us, you’ve NOT been paying attention.

Victoria Jackson recently attended a six hour briefing in Washington D.C.  Thirty eight government representatives were invited. Fifteen showed up.  Slides, photos, names, dates and documents were shown overhead proving that the Muslim Brotherhood, not only planned the “Arab Spring” and Libyan take over, but has infiltrated our highest government positions, schools, courts and military and is even making policy.

“…and they are in all of our highest positions, including the president.  I said to this FBI guy, ‘do you think Obama’s a Muslim?’ And he goes, ‘well, the facts are all of his policies side with the Muslims and are against Israel.  That’s just a fact.”