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She’s brainy and beautiful. She’s conservative and conversant.  Savvy and sexy, she’s got a husky voice that must drive ’em wild. As I see it, she leaves Ann Coulter in the dust.  Here’s what S.E. Cupp, a regular political contributor to GBTV has to say about Santorum:

“…don’t count him out. His surge is well-timed, heading into a debate and a primary, and if he makes it to South Carolina, he could gobble up the votes that would have gone to Bachmann.

Plus, as his campaign representative pointed out to me this week, he’s got a legitimate ground game going in New Hampshire. He’s spent a lot of time there — behind only Huntsman.

He’s got the second most endorsements of any of the contenders in the state behind Romney, including 23 state representatives, a state senator and 82 county captains spread through all 10 New Hampshire counties.

It’s hard to say if Santorum can make it another week, let alone another couple of months. But I like that he’s finally having his moment. Maybe he’ll surprise us all, and turn his moment into momentum.