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Tea Party Express WILL Endorse By South Carolina. Who WILL it be? Amy Kremer leaves us wondering…

Kevin Dujan at Hillbuzz has something to say about it. A word of caution?

And a commenter at Free Republic sums up what many of us are thinking:

Look, the Tea Party isn’t beholden to any party—I agree with that idea. Some Republicans have been as bad as most Demon rats.

I am a Tea Partier who thinks our first goal should be to defeat Hussein in November.

I agree with Sarah Palin when she said most folks are in the “ABO” camp—Anyone but Obama.

I also agree with Rush Limbaugh when he said ANY of our candidates (in my opinion the worst ones are Paul and Huntsman) would be able to defeat Hussein.

My personal analysis comes up with this reasoning, which does not comport with some of the loudest and most vitriolic posters here on FR. That analysis is that Hussein HATES America. None of our candidates—including the often vilified Mitt Romney—hate America.

Hussein hates America and wants to destroy our traditional Judeo-Christian ethic, our Constitution, and capitalism. None of our candidates has that goal—and so I will support with enthusiasm our nominee.

I know many are taking the “never more” stand—but not me. I think this Republic is at a dangerous crossroads, and I’d rather pray for a change in the heart of a flawed but well-meaning man (and all of our candidates are flawed) than endure the regime of an occupier who is hellbent on punishing America.