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The answer to the b.s. that’s put out there every day by the “traditional media” with its flash and dazzle and no substance…

Knowing how the corporate media controls the message, Glenn Beck has expanded his operation to create a news program which will be featured on GBTV beginning next week.  From the press release posted at The Blaze:


“Each and every day there’s a whole world of news and information that goes unreported, ignored by the mainstream media. Stories, issues, and events that impact the daily lives of Americans young and old ignored, purposely discarded, or “reported” without the benefit of the full perspective or context.

News = Truth…and the truth has no agenda.  

Real News from The Blaze will play no favorites. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly will be presented unvarnished and complete without a nod to the left or the right.  News and analysis from the worlds of politics, national security, the economy, foreign policy, and whatever else impacts our lives.”

The Hour Nightly Show Will Feature The Blaze’s Editorial Team and Will Break News and Offer Context Often Ignored By the Media
Real News From the Blaze Joins GBTV’s Growing Line-Up and Will Debut as Part of GBTV’s Premiere Night on January 18th .