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One good turn…

Mondo Frazier at Death by a Thousand Papercuts (DBKP) writes an interesting page chock full of tasty nuggets for your edification and entertainment.  Today he included — with gracious dignity and generosity and favor and… ok, he gave me some linky love for my post about Todd Palin’s Newt-dorsement.  To wit:

TODD PALIN ENDORSES NEWT GINGRICH – January’s only one-third through and the action has been so fast and furious, even Katie Couric is dizzy. Our story so far: Last week, GOP pretty boy Mitt Romney, seeking political Nirvana, attempted to achieve balance by landing the endorsement of noted NON-pretty boy, John McCain. This week, the forces of Newt countered by locking up the critical Alaskan snowmobile vote with Todd Palin’s endorsement. Not to be outdone, Rick Santorum’s campaign is said to be seeking Little Bit of Mambo voters and is in talks with Lou Bega. Whew! Is this a GOP nomination battle to remember or what?

Andrea Shea King details seven reasons that Palin, Todd jumped behind Newt: Todd Palin: ‘Go Gingrich.’ Her article is lots of fun as she considers EVERYTHING. Andrea’s seven reasons provide hard-core political junkies with more meat in 200 words than this SPECULATION! does in four times that many. Regardless of ASK’s cool efficiency, questions remain.

Todd Palin uttered so few public words during the 2008 campaign, this corner had totally overlooked that he might endorse anyone. Did he actually speak his endorsement–or did someone read it as Tood stood, strong and silent, beside Sarah’s side? How did Gingrich react? Out of sheer habit, did he hit Palin with a verbal zinger? According to another report, Palin never contacted Gingrich before endorsing him. WARNING: I’m letting readers know in advance: if Santorum works out the Mambo vote thing, this same depth of coverage will be lacking.

So in the spirit of paying it forward, here’s a little link love right back ‘atcha, MondoReb!