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Exclusive from InsiderAdvantage: Romney and Gingrich in Dead Heat in

South Carolina

Atlanta, Ga – A poll conducted for major media in South Carolina show Romney and Gingrich in a dead heat among Republican presidential candidates, with Santorum and Paul tied for second leading up to the Republican Presidential Primary.    

InsiderAdvantage on Wednesday night conducted a poll in South Carolina in the GOP contest for president. The surveys were conducted among registered voters who said they are likely to vote in the state’s primary on January 21.  Surveys weighted for age, race and gender. Here is the breakdown:   

Mitt Romney: 23 percent  

Newt Gingrich: 21 percent  

Rick Santorum: 14 percent  

Ron Paul: 13 percent  

Jon Huntsman: 7 percent 

Rick Perry: 5 percent  

Other: 2 percent  

Undecided/No opinion: 15 percent

 Conducted January 11 among 726 likely voters, for a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.     

“Romney and Gingrich are even among those who identify themselves as ‘Republicans’ in South Carolina.  Among those who call themselves ‘Independent’, Paul leads at 29 percent, but Gingrich and Romney are not far behind, said, Matt Towery, CEO InsiderAdvantage.  “Men favor Gingrich, while women favor Romney.  Most of interest, Santorum preforms well among voters age 30-44, hold his own among women, but does poorly with male voters.”    

Towery went on to say, “This is, for the moment, a two person race, made up of Romney and Gingrich, who are statistically tied.  The question is whether their strategies and actions will break the race in on direction of the other in the next week and three days.”

For reference, go to Realpolitics.com to see the final polling results of the Iowa Caucus.  

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