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Geraldo “The Proud Puerto Rican” Rivera was on Bloviator (aka “Ted Baxter”)  O’Really’s show last night, spouting off about Willard “Mittens” Romney’s geneology.

Geraldo (see: Al Capone’s vault) seemed perturbed that Mittens was not acknowledging his dual citizenship south of the border, down Me-hic-co way.

Oops.  As anyone who has made a study of the Constitutional requirements re presidential eligibility, the ol’ Bain Boy doesn’t quite come up to snuff.

But Geraldo-the-Proud continued to hammer the point as O’Bloviator tried to wave it off, no doubt mindful that this little tirade was taking them onto some wafer thin ice, a place the guy from Leavittown did not want to go.

Even a horse’s ass will remember the pile of manure he stepped in for lying that The Won’s birth certificate was legit. Remember, Bill?  Even your “guest”  Princess Megyn-of-Times-Square-Ball-Drop swore to it, ruining her cred forevermore in the Kingdom of Blonde Hair and Flared Nostrils.

Notwithstanding the fact there is considerable concern that the Mittster ALSO does not fulfill Constitutional requirements to be president, there’s this from our friend Cmdr. Charles Kerchner, a patriot of the first order:

Geraldo misstated several facts as is typical of him.  One misstatements was that Mitt’s father AND grandfather were born in Mexico.  That is not true.  Only Mitt’s father was born there.  Mitt’s grandfather was an expatriate U.S. Citizen living in Mexico at the time in order to continue practicing polygamy since it was banned in Utah since they wanted to become a state.  See attached report and my comments and analysis in the report as to the Citizenship status of Mitt, and his father and mother. Use this link if you wish to share the info with others.


So there you go.

Send it off to Geraldo the Proud and Bill the O’Bloviator if you think it will make you feel better. Cause for sure, you can bring a couple of horses’ asses to water, butt…