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We won’t let Obama’s corrupt labor buddies pull off a power grab while conservatives are distracted. The next phase of the fight is days away and we’re preparing for decisive victory!

Friends and fellow patriots:

While most of the nation have been focused on the presidential contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, Democrats — including Barack Obama’s political operatives — have quietly been wrapping up their RECALL campaign against conservative Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

In just THREE days they will turn in their RECALL petitions, and if they are successful they will not only RECALL Gov. Walker but will have take control of the Wisconsin State Legislature from Republicans.

But perhaps most importantly, Obama’s operatives will also likely then be able to take Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes in this November’s presidential race.

We therefore must defeat this RECALL campaign and urgently need your support.  We need people from all across the nation to make a contribution to our campaign to DEFEAT the RECALL.  You can support this effort by making a contribution online – HERE.

The following individuals on our “Hero’s List” have contributed $200 or more to help us DEFEAT the RECALL in just the past couple of days.  You can add your name to this list by making a contribution of $200 or more – HERE.

Peter of Irvine, CA – $1,000
Steven of Washington, IL – $250
Pete of Los Angeles, CA – $250
Sofia of Fremont, CA – $250
Laura of Corona Del Mar, CA – $250
George of Ponte Vedra Beach, VA – $200
Michael of Austin, TX – $200
Ronald of Fairbanks, AK – $200

CONTRIBUTE HERE: https://secure.donationsafe.com/cdbo

Thank you very much for your support.  If you prefer you can also mail in a contribution to our headquarters:

Campaign To Defeat Obama
P.O. Box 601684
Sacramento, CA 95860-1684

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