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From the SussexPatch:

Tea Party Enters the Wisconsin Recall Fray

Groups are raising money and lining up thousands of volunteers to review signatures in the effort to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

On Tuesday, organizers of the effort to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will submit stacks upon stacks of signed petitions to the state, a move that will set a 60-day time clock into motion as the signatures are counted and verified.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties of Wisconsin have set up their own vetting and verification operations to ensure only valid signatures are counted.

However, there’s a new guest joining the recall party, and they’ll be sure all their “I’s”  are dotted and their “Teas” are crossed.

Tea Party groups in Wisconsin and around the country have recruited nearly 10,000 volunteers from 49 states to scrutinize the signatures and verify that people who signed petitions are indeed who they say they are.

On top of that, the nationally known Tea Party Express is offering its support of the Republican governor and is actively raising funds to defend Walker in a recall. The group is sending regular emails its supporters, imploring them to make donations to “help us stand up for Walker and the Tea Party values that are under attack by Obama’s campaign machine and his radical union mobs!”

While Tea Party groups insist they’re simply doing their civic duty, not everyone is happy they’ve invited themselves to the party.

“They will accomplish nothing, except mischief on behalf of Scott Walker,” state Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski said. “That Scott Walker would take help from groups like this shows that his priority is with preserving his job, while not caring a thing about the rest of Wisconsin.”