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Marcus Carey is a Northern Kentucky lawyer with 32 years experience. He is also a farmer, talk radio host and public speaker who loves history and politics. He is a prolific and accomplished writer whose blog, BluegrassBulletin.com is “dedicated to honest and respectful comment on the political and cultural issues of our time.” He writes a daily commentary for KyForward.  I’ve excerpted his article here:

A few months back I wrote about Glenn Beck’s move from Fox News to his new online venture at GBTV.  I reminded folks how UHF channels offered the first competition to the three big broadcast networks, then how cable TV opened up a new frontier for expanded programming, only to be vastly improved upon by satellite television offerings.

I opined that Glenn Beck’s vision to take his show to the Internet was groundbreaking, filled with potential and could change everything.

At first when I logged in to watch his show I was less than impressed. Sure, he had a nice studio, good lighting, expensive cameras and his “live streaming” technology seemed to be cutting edge.  But the show wasn’t comfortable to watch on my computer screen, nor was his content up to his old standards at Fox.

But then Glenn moved his family and his operation to Texas and this week he is launching his “dream” from an amazing studio in Dallas called “The Planning Office”.  I just finished watching his entire two hour program and had to share my experience with the world.  In short it was “WOW”!

Beck is not only back from three herniated discs last week, but his launch of his new format is just the tip of the iceberg.  He has planned and is ready to offer the public an entire network of programming from hard news to reality shows.  He has produced an animated series and in looking at the weekly schedule, it seems that he is wide open to a great number of new and innovative productions.  GBTV not only offers “location” but an improved delivery system.

You may not be on board yet, but take a look the new televisions.  They are Internet ready.  That means that “live” and “on demand” programs which are distributed free over the Internet can be watched from the comfort of your family room on the big screen.

Now Beck has converted GBTV from a single program to a whole new network of programming, and has already found a delivery system at ROKU.

What this means is that Beck, like Daniel Boone, is blazing a trail into the new world of Internet programming, inhabited by hostile competitors who don’t want him there, and trying to bring a big segment of the population with him, people who are eager for the freedom and independence that exists in this new world of entertainment, education and information.

At the end of his new show Beck said that anyone who watched needed to ask themselves, what can I do to introduce more people to the bounty which awaits them in this new and virgin territory?  I for one took up the challenge and encourage you to give his venture a good hard look.

It might not be the place for you, but for the adventurous among us who still admire those who explore new frontiers, watching what Glenn Beck has done is such a short time is truly like walking in the footsteps of a modern day Daniel Boone.

See for yourself at GBTV.com.