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Join us tonight at 9p ET when Robert Estes tells why he’s running for Congress.  Also, we’re taking a look at tomorrow’s primary in South Carolina, and we’ll hear the You Tube that is #2 Worldwide — not just on You Tube, but WORLD WIDE!




”We’ve been going down the wrong road for many, many years and it’s time for we, the people to step up and try to correct it.” — Robert Estes, businessman, Southaven, MS.

Robert Estes, candidate for Congress, MS CD 1

Some background…

When we were traveling coast to coast on the Tea Party Express IV national tour in the fall of 2010, we rolled through Mississippi.  It was at one of the rallies there that we met retired school teacher Ann Estes and her son Robert who, because they believed in what we were doing, stepped forward and made the generous offer to fill all three of our buses with fuel.  We pulled into the Estes Grading & Trucking yard on a raw and rainy October morning, where Ann and Robert had hot coffee and boxes of fresh donuts waiting. Their hospitality was unmatched but typical of the welcome we received as we made our way across the country. The photos in the slide show were taken on that morning, and the tall guy in the photos is Ray March, one of our motorcoach drivers.

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The Estes, mother and son, wanted to do whatever they could to help in our cause to save America.  They walked the walk and put their money where they felt it could do the most good.

Not long after that, and frustrated with all the federal regulations hampering his dirt- and gravel-hauling company business, Robert, now 38, formed an organization to fight back. He even spoke about it before the Heritage Foundation. But it wasn’t enough to effect the kind of changes needed to help businesses in MS.

So Robert Estes is taking it to the next level.  He has announced that he is running for Congress, representing Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District. His opponent voted to raise the debt ceiling and according to Ann, has done little to help the job situation in our country.  “His opponent is a career politician.”

Ann continued, “He (Robert) is running against ‘the establishment’ and we know it will be a tough fight, but we’re up to the challenge.  Any help you could offer in helping to get his message around would be greatly appreciated.”

Local television station — WREG Memphis — covered Estes’ announcement.

Southaven truck firm owner Robert Estes, who's trying to get the word out about the loss of U.S. jobs to foreign countries, shows iconic American items made overseas, then shipped to the U.S. and sold. He contends that the same products could and should be made in the United States. (photo credit: Stan Carroll, The Commercial Appeal)

Mississippi’s primary is March 13th. You can help Robert Estes with your campaign contribution.  Send it in care of:

Estes Grading & Trucking
2876 Stanton Rd S.
Southaven, MS 38671.