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Good news for Gov. Walker: a new poll shows his opponents having trouble coming up with a strong opponent http://bit.ly/wZTidq

We can win this critical fight!

We’ve put up a video of Gov. Walker’s appearance on our contribution page so you can see Scott Walker fighting back and help our efforts to back him up:

Scott Walker hits it out of the park on Fox News http://bit.ly/ynyUVE

The recall effort is all about automatic payments for union bosses and covering for Barack Obama.

New poll results out in Wisconsin show positive news for Gov. Scott Walker.  A Public Policy Polling group survey shows that the Democrats’ leading candidate against Gov. Walker in the RECALL election, radically leftist former Dane County Executive, Kathleen Falk, is in meltdown mode.

Falk trails Milwaukee Democrat Mayor, Tom Barrett, by a margin of 46%-27%.  But here’s the best part, Barrett has said he’s NOT running in the gubernatorial RECALL election, but will instead seek re-election as Mayor of Milwaukee.  It gets even better: Barrett is the candidate the Democrats’ nominated in 2010 to run against Scott Walker.  And Walker defeated Barrett by 6%.

So it all boils down to this:  the Democrats’ leading candidate in the RECALL election against Gov. Scott Walker is a radical leftist who is losing by nearly 20% to a man who is not even running in the RECALL election, and who lost to Scott Walker in the 2010 gubernatorial campaign!  Don’t forget that Kathleen Falk lost both her statewide campaigns for office in Wisconsin, too!  (In 2002 she ran for Governor and was rejected by the voters and in 2006 ran for Attorney General and was rejected by the voters again!)

For months the media has been trying to write Gov. Walker’s political obituary, insisting he would be booted from office.  But with your help we are proving the liberal media wrong yet again.

Please, join us in the campaign to support Gov. Scott Walker and DEFEAT the RECALL.  Please, support our campaign to DEFEAT the RECALL by making a contribution online – HERE.

Gov. Scott Walker needs us now more than ever.  He’s been a principled leader who made the tough choices that so few politicians have the courage to make.  We must stand by him now in his hour of need.We need people from all across the nation to make a contribution to our campaign to DEFEAT the RECALL.

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