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Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich paused for a photo with Andrea Shea King at the Tea Party Express rally in West Palm Beach.

At the Tea Party Express rally in West Palm Beach Saturday evening, Newt Gingrich stopped by to meet, greet, and thank those who were there in support of his candidacy. The unexpected visit followed his appearance at a Lincoln Day Dinner held at nearby Kravis Center during which his candidacy was endorsed by former presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Tomorrow the Tea Party Express will host rallies at:

The Villages event will begin at 1:30pm at the Barnes & Noble parking lot, where Pam Dahl, president of the Tri-County Tea Party will be on the bus along with Amy Kremer, KrisAnne Hall and the TPX team. After a brief rally, we’ll participate in a “Drive Around Rally” parade through The Villages Town Squares. All are invited to join us! Newt Gingrich is also expected to be there.

From Newsmax:

Cain Endorses Gingrich for President

Saturday, 28 Jan 2012 08:46 PM
By Martin Gould and Dave Eberhart

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain endorsed Newt Gingrich for the GOP nomination late on Saturday – at the same time accepting a position as the former House Speaker’s tax reform chairman.

cain gingrich endorsementThe author of the now-famous 9-9-9 tax plan announced his endorsement in West Palm Beach, Florida, three days ahead of that state’s vital primary. The endorsement is a welcome boost for Gingrich, who has found himself having to defend himself against a vicious onslaught of attacks from former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

“It is time for conservatives and Republicans to refocus their attention on the ultimate mission of defeating President Obama,” Cain said at the Palm Beach County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner. “I believe Speaker Gingrich is the bold leader we need to accomplish this mission.”

Cain was catapulted to national attention when his own campaign for the nomination took off in the fall. His signature 9-9-9 plan which would have provided 9 percent taxation on income tax, corporate tax and new national sales taxes caught fire with the public. At one time, he led in the polls for the right to take on Barack Obama in November. But his campaign faltered and he dropped out of the race in early December.

Cain and Gingrich both come from the Atlanta area and have been friends for more than 20 years. The two men worked together in the early 1990s to help defeat Hillary Clinton’s plans for healthcare, and as House Speaker, Gingrich appointed Cain to the National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform Commission – better known as the Kemp Commission.

Gingrich said he was “honored” to have Cain’s support and immediately announced that the former pizza mogul would co-chair his tax reform and economic growth advisory council.

“America’s challenges are too great for mere tinkering around the edges. Just like Herman, who ran his campaign based on big ideas, I am running on bold solutions that will boost job creation, cut bureaucratic red tape, and fundamentally transform Washington,” Gingrich said.

When Herman Cain suspended his presidential campaign, he promised to stay engaged. This he has done. The watershed moment of that engagement might very well be his endorsement of his former rival for the highest office in the land.

The venue for the endorsement was as unique as Cain’s spirited style – with Gingrich actually stepping in for Herman Cain as the headliner for the Palm Beach County event. The former House Speaker took over Cain’s spot as keynote speaker at the Palm Beach County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day dinner Sat. evening. Cain then stole back the limelight with his surprise endorsement.

This year’s event comes three days ahead of Florida’s presidential primary.

Previously, Cain had been tapped by the Tea Party Express to give their response to the 2012 State of the Union address. His 13-minute speech was critiqued as being a lot more animated and vigorous than Indiana governor Mitch Daniels’ official GOP response.

Also not long ago, on Fox News this morning, Cain  applauded Gingrich’s well-received admonishment of CNN’s John King, who infamously opened a two-hour debate by asking the former Georgia congressman if he wanted to respond to an accusation from his ex-wife. Both men agreed it demeaned the presidential forum.