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When I was on the previous Tea Party Express tour (August 2011), I had the pleasure of meeting Floridian Deborah Ringhaver Lane, founder of the Abigail Adams Project.

The Abigail Adams Project creates productive partnerships with a large cooperative network of liberty organizations throughout the nation. Through these relationships, AAP seeks to serve patriots and patriot organizations across the country.

She’s invited me to a weekend event in Jacksonville next month that will bring together conservatives of some note for the purpose of networking, encouraging and supporting.  I look forward to  attending. 

AAP volunteers collect information from candidates who have, through their Supervisor of Elections, qualified to run for office. The information is transferred into Voter Guides that will be available online for viewing, downloading and printing. The non-partisan format allows all patriots to confidently distribute The Voter Guides in their precincts before the election and on election day at the polls.The Foundation issued this press release:


Romney and Santorum absent on Constitution questions.

In a rare show of solidarity, Republican Primary opponents Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul both completed a Constitution-focused educational voter guide for the Abigail Adams Project (AAP). Guides will be distributed electronically to Florida campaign workers and voters in preparations for Tuesday’s primary.

In addition to being viewed electronically, the non-partisan voter guides can be distributed near the polls on Tuesday, and AAP encourages Florida voters to share and print the voter guides. “We are a national organization based in Florida,” said AAP President, Deborah Ringhaver Lane, “and because of the way we are structured, AAP has the ability to quickly respond to the vagaries of the Florida primary and to the special needs of Florida’s voters in time for Tuesday’s primary election.”

The special edition voter guide includes Gingrich and Paul’s answers to multiple choice and narrative questions, but Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney’s participation is noticeably absent. “I know it’s hard to imagine,” said Lane, “that a candidate either can’t be contacted by a voter or would simply ignore a potential constituent’s request for information on their views about constitutional issues.” Despite repeated contacts to each campaign, Santorum and Romney have yet to complete their surveys.

Lane assures us, “AAP has gone to great lengths to contact the Santorum and Romney campaigns. Mr. Santorum’s campaign responded and received their survey, but failed to follow through to complete it. Mr. Romney’s campaign has been absolutely silent in response to our requests. Not a peep!” Candidates still have time to participate by contacting the Abigail Adams Project through their website, www.abigailadamsproject.com

Tuesday will be the start of a nationwide launch for the Abigail Adams Project voter guide distribution. Plans to cover all national legislative primary races, as well as state and local races into November, the Abigail Adams Project is prepared to deliver voter guides anywhere in the country a voter wants to help distribute them. “All we need is for a single volunteer to request our voter guide for their area, and we will provide everything they need for them to hold their candidates accountable to the Constitution” said Lane.

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If you’d like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Deborah Ringhaver Lane, please call the Abigail Adams Project at 1-800-VoterEd or email Deborah at  info@abigailadamsproject.com