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We have wrapped up our tour here in Pensacola on Florida’s panhandle, and in just a short while, we’ll climb aboard the Tea Party Express bus to drive the 500 miles to Orlando.  We’ll check in to a hotel there and watch the election results as they come in, and then it’ll be home again tomorrow, job done, winner of Florida’s delegates decided.

The betting among the TPX team is that Romney will take Florida, though not by the margins predicted by the pollsters.  Our thinking is it will be a lot tighter.  Not that it makes any difference in the outcome — winner takes all here in the Sunshine State.

Fanning out across the state has been a challenge for the candidates, and I don’t envy them the grueling schedule they are keeping in this race for the White House. It truly is a “Boston Marathon” not for the faint of heart.  A candidate has to want it BAD.  What is it that drives some to do it?  The same reason some want to climb Mt. Everest, I guess.

I understand why Sarah Palin decided to not get in.  She’s seen it up close, has a young family to tend to, and can be effective as a kind of “Greek chorus” singing from the wings, reminding Americans (and the candidates) to keep their compasses pointed true North.

Random thought… It’s been interesting to observe who is supporting each candidate.  I think it reveals quite a bit about who they really are.  Ann Coulter for Mitt?  Huh? (And orgasming over Chris Christie?  Double huh?)

Much more will be written about this in hundreds of blogs, and I’ll be adding more to it in the days ahead. But for now, gotta run.  Here we go!

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