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From Da Tech Guy:

Gingrich at Ft. Myers via Stacy McCain and Cellphone

January 30th, 2012 |

Stacy McCain just called me from Page Field in Ft. Myers from a Gingrich event, here is a quick liveblog as I’m transcribing from his cell phone:

Here is a quick transcribing of what I’m hearing over Stacy’s Phone:

Herman Cain speaking 350 people

Warming up

On energy independence , rebuilding our military Newt and I are on the same page

We need bold fearless leadership in Washington DC

Look past the gutter politics and negativity and the side shows and look where newt Gingrich stands on solid stuff

We need a serious communicator and Newt Gingrich has demonstrated it


Michael Reagan in introduced:

If newt Gingrich is not a Reagan republican I wonder if they would thing Ronald Reagan was a Reagan republican

Have we been losing our freedoms every day every month and every year since Obama took the white house.

Reagan introduces Gingrich to cries of “Newt”

We have a lot to do in the next few hours,

Poll out showing closing within five, one two hours ago saying it’s now tied.

I don’t see how a Massachusetts liberal will do better than the moderates we nominated in 1996 and 2008

(Romney) Outspent us 4-1 and has this whole thing about if I’m really a Reaganite but he was voting for Paul Tsongas in 1992.

No clue what Reagan stood for or was fighting for in Washington.

Can’t do better than Herman Cain for grass roots conservatism. delighted for Michael Reagan to be here.

(Romney campaign is) 3 1/2 million dollars of ads per hour, the only way we can do this is to destroy Newt.

What a pathetic situation to run for president with nothing positive to say about yourself, that’s not my model.

I have an enormous advantage… I actually study these things I’m not a manager I’m a leader. We don’t’ need somebody to manage the decay, we need somebody to change the city

Quotes Soros saying Obama or Romney is fine, Newt would change things

Goldman Sacks is very uncomfortable with me

Those ads are your money recycled to attack me.

No American president has put more Americans on food stamps than Barack Obama

New high water mark with Keystone Pipeline

Imagine an American president cancelling a pipeline that would have put people to work for 30-40 years.

Cancels it to appease his San Francisco people

On the first day I become president I will issue an executive order so every Canadian will know it’s OK to build the (Keystone) pipeline.

Victory requires all of us to do all we can to turn the vote out

Biggest election of our lifetime

I don’t see how a Massachusetts liberal will do better than the moderates we nominated in 1996 and 2008

Update…Newt Gingrich continues….

We want to run a team campaign this fall

I will ask the house and senate to come in on Jan 3rd and stay to
1.. repeal obamacare
2. to repeal Dodd Frank
3. Repeal Sarbains Oxly

We will liberate the American economy so that all three can be passed and be on my desk the day I’m sworn in.

Executive order all White House Czars go

Ex order to move embassy to Jerusalem.

Ex order blocking all support for agenda 21
Comments on Obama’s attack on Catholic church and pastoral letter of this Sunday.

One of the executive orders I will sign will repeal every anti religious act the Obama administration has passed. By the time the president has landed in Chicago we will have repealed about 40% of what he’s done.

I don’t think it is legit for the current establishment to preside over decay, we deserve to know the truth and what happened over the last 4 years.

Talk face to face and twitter with people to get the word out….

Stacy tells me this is pretty much a Newt crowed and this is a get the base out there and working speech. Seems pretty effective. Stacy will be up with a more detailed post once he gets to McDonalds the local Ray Kroc Memorial Media center Ft. Myers branch.

Update 2: Stacy’s base story is here. He doesn’t buy those new polls.