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Glenn Beck just wrapped up an interview with Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, about what the Obama administration is ordering the Catholic church to do through his abortion-supporting agent of evil, Kathleen Sebelius (head of Dept. of Health and Human Services).

Donohue told Beck that Catholic leaders have begun planning a strategy to battle the Obama administration on this and another issue of grave concern: Obama has muzzled U.S. Army chaplains , forbidding them from reading an anti-Obamacare letter from the Catholic Archdiocese.  The following is from The Daily Caller:

The office of the Chief of Chaplains of the U.S. Army forbade Catholic chaplains from reading, in Sunday masses, a letter about a controversial Obamacare mandate from the Catholic Church’s military archbishop. The move, which amounts to the head of Roman Catholic military chaplains calling the Obama administration un-American, will set the stage for a philosophical conflict between Catholic soldiers and their commander-in-chief.

In the forbidden letter, Archbishop Timothy Broglio encouraged Catholics in military congregations to disobey a federal government mandate — part of President Obama’s health care overhaul — requiring Catholic employers to provide health coverage that includes “sterilization , abortion-inducing drugs, and contraception.”

Beck suspects the Obamanoids are “poking a stick in the eye of the Catholic Church” to prompt civil unrest. Why else?  The Latino population — a huge part of his voter base — is primarily Catholic.  Bill Donohue reminded Beck that 28% of those who voted for him in 2008 were Catholic.

“These people on the Left in general live in a bubble.  They’re uniformly hostile to religion, and see the Catholic Church and its hierarchy as an obstacle to their idea of liberty,” Donohue said.

Beck said George Soros is funding milions into progressive Catholic and faith-based groups, specifically Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.

So much is being written about this latest atrocity by the Obamanoids of Mordor, it is hard to know where to start.  But here’s some of what I’ve read about it.

Hold on to your hat, because Ann Barnhardt has a few pertinent things to say about it. Here’s her opening shot:

It’s time to make the BIG post about the Marxist infiltration of the Catholic bishopric and how this all relates to the Obama regime’s full-on declaration of war against the Catholic Church. Most people out there simply do not understand what is going on, but it is time to shine as much light as possible on the whole, sickening mess, because you can not navigate what you do not see and understand.

The Anchoress has written quite a bit on the subject, albeit with a lighter hand, over at Patheos. This one is particularly instructive.

Here are clips from Beck’s Jan. 30th conversation with Bill Donohue. The clip of today’s conversation will be up soon.  I’ll post it when it’s available.