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Dave from Dallas makes it clear why Ron Paul cannot be the nominee.  I know, I know, there have been a bajillion words written about the funny little man from Texas and why he should not be the nominee, but Dave puts it as succinctly as I’ve read. And I know some of you appreciate a paucity of words. (And to all you Paul supporters out there?  It’s nothing personal.  Just the facts.)

…And Paul, by contrast, talks with such conviction about what rights and freedoms the founders wanted us to have, but with no reference to who the founders credit with having given us those rights and freedoms.  No “God bless America” at the end of his speech either, just ‘thank you’.

And his complaints about foreign entanglements and policing the world seem to have no anchor point in world realities, such as who the belligerents are, and what motives the belligerents admit publicly to having…  in Paul’s world it’s all our fault, and as soon as we withdraw from our meddling foreign policy, well then rainbows and unicorns.  For everyone. 

But no reference to God, no “God bless”, nothing.  

Paul’s vision, executed, leaves the Caliphate growing quickly with no resistance at all and no American support for whatever local populations might be against it (kind of like Obama’s vision as it is now being executed).   It leaves a smoking crater where Israel used to be, and probably a bunch of other craters where the Israelis responded.  And in the end, the Caliphate arrives at our own borders, which presumably Paul would rise up to defend, but.. he is proposing a first year cut of one trillion dollars, and he means to take a lot of that out of defense.  How to defend, then, with no money…  And a substantially more powerful enemy than any we have today.

Paul is not to be trusted with anything.  He said tonight in his speech that fiscal policy and foreign policy are inseparable.  I take him at his word, and reject him outright on the grounds that his foreign policy proposals are simplistic and depraved.  Thus it is, then, with his domestic agenda as well.  Lack of room in his mind for God means that even with a close reading of the Constitution, he will come to a bad end.  He doesn’t get what the founders were telling him.