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Contact YOUR US Senator via Gradegov.com to make sure he or she reads it. Your message will get into the Senator’s office instead of being relegated to the “auto-reply computer”. Or just pick up the phone and call him.  He works for YOU.

Did you know?

In his daily report two days ago, Dick Morris wrote that Obama and Hillary Clinton are turning the tourniquet on the USA through treaties with the UN.

Published on TheHill.com on February 7, 2012

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are entering negotiations over — or seeking ratification of — five treaties that could radically limit our national sovereignty and the reach of our democratic institutions. Particularly scary is that the treaties, once signed and ratified, have the same status as constitutional law and cannot be altered or eclipsed by Congress or state legislatures. And their provisions must be enforced by U.S. courts.

Those who wish to preserve our sovereignty and democratic control over our future must rally to block these treaties, either by pressing Obama and Clinton not to sign them or by blocking their ratification.

• International Criminal Court — I vigorously oppose the ICC and support legislative efforts to block any US funding for the ICC.  The ICC would subject our service members to criminal charges for simply following orders and I will fight this vigorously.

• The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST).  I have written to our Senators asking them to reject the LOST Treaty.  The Senate has not approved this yet, but they could. Our Senators need to hear from you and others about how bad this is for US sovereignty.

• Small-arms control — I have supported legislation to ensure that this treaty is not approved and

• Outer Space Code of Conduct — I will do all I can to opposed any efforts to embrace this treaty.

• Rights of the Child — I am very much apposed to this which would undermine the rights of parents

I immediately wrote to my Congressional representative to get confirmation on this.  Here’s what he replied:


I will do all that I can as a House member to stop these. However as these are treaties it is the US Senate that has sole authority over treaties  – there is a no direct role for the House. There are some actions we can do, like cutting off funding or cutting UN funding for following through on such bad plans that conflict with our US Constitution – and I will do all that I can in that regard.  I would encourage you to let your Senators know of  your objections as they are the ones that actually have an up or down vote on these.