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A friend sent this via email this morning.  Thought you might like to read it. I’ve highlighted the part that most struck me.  What do you think?

The Wizard

The powers that are behind bambi are following a plan they have to change America and make it less than it has always been….

They find a suitable sponsor, bambi, use their corrupt associations and allies to get him inside the government and then unite him with the moles they have been slipping in for years….

They identify the most dangerous person to them, Sarah Palin, and begin the crucifixion of her and her character and family and prepare a “suitable” alternative that is really not much different “than Obama” (as we are told by money man George Soros himself)….

The next most dangerous fellow, Andrew B. has a timely passing that may or may not have had assistance, but clearly removed the most ferocious conservative fighter since Ann Coulter went to the dark side….

Now Newt, who is the only one really left from our team is being basically ignored while everyone talks about two guys who will be easier to beat……

As soon as Rush gives them an opening they are ready to attack him far worse than is called for, when their own hit squad, Bill Marhed for one, can call anyone anything he wants without retribution, because like the scholars, he has tenure at the liberal HBO…..

Don’t you see how we are being systematically attacked out of any real choices that doesn’t leave the enemies of our country in power….

Eric Holder as AG????? A Criminal in charge of the justice department……a foreigner in the White House…..

Sheriff Joe got it right, and everyone is scared to death to say so……

Even here at FreeRepublic, I had a post removed that wondered, only wondered, if Andrew B. had been done away with like so many before him who announce they would do something or say something soon, who never saw the following week, after the announcement….

If we do nothing, we will wake up in a foreign country….