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Since posting the piece below this one titled Hey Glenn, question with boldness?, I have received several comments here on this site, in emails, and on my Facebook page. I can only imagine the blowback Beck must be getting…

I evidently tapped into a vein of discontent, disappointment, and in many cases, anger at Glenn Beck for his callous and mocking comments about Sheriff Joe Arpaio and every American who questions Barack Hussein Obama’s background and the extraordinary lengths he’s gone to to hide it from the American people.

Some of the folks who have written to me tell me they’ve also written to Glenn and his editors at The Blaze, giving them an earful along with notice of cancellation of their GBTV subscription.

Glenn’s remarks, coming a day after the loss of Andrew Breitbart, a revered warrior for the truth… well, this behavior by Glenn couldn’t have been worse timed for those of us in the new media, and conservatives in general.

Unless Beck comes forward — soon — and offers a sincere apology WITH the promise that he and his staff of researchers will examine this issue post haste, giving it as much attention as he has with other critical issues, he will have lost a lot of credibility and ground with his audience. He certainly won’t have to go far to research it. He can start with the Arpaio Cold Case Posse’s report.

Beck can’t be pally with an ass like Bill O’Reilly and parrot the same inane statement about the “newspaper birth announcement clippings and Soviet BS” and expect to earn my respect.  In fact, I can’t believe Beck could possibly be THAT obtuse. Come on.  That’s a helluva disconnect for a man who has otherwise shown himself to be fairly intelligent. Some serious “come to Jesus” meeting is needed between Glenn and his audience before he can hope to regain the trust we once had in him.  If we ever do.

So with that, I want to share the note I just received from a friend, Dave from Dallas, who traveled with Beck to Israel, attended his Restoring Honor event in Washington DC, and plans to meet up with us in Dallas for the Restoring Love event.


Re: Beck– he is just wrong, or misinformed, quite often.  He misquotes people and then carefully explains what the people meant, which they didn’t mean because they didn’t say what he thinks they said.  His information is often weeks or more out of date, and I do not think I’m alone when I hear parts of the show and ask “with all those producers and researchers, how can it be that I have known that factoid for months and he STILL doesn’t know it, and neither does Pat or Stu?”

But this is the only thing they do that directly antagonizes me for no good reason.  They have chosen to lump all questioners together into the category of “they think Obama is a sleeper baby from a 1960s KGB plot”.  Beck, and Pat, and Stu, are of a single mind on this.  Their concern arises from what is superficially decent analysis– that loud noises from people who can be dismissed as “birthers” do not help the cause.  They’re right, of course.  But these guys seem blind to the idea that the “birther” tag is purposefully made up by the left precisely to lump all questioners into an easily dismissable kook category.  Beck sees the harm that this categorization does to our cause, but does not choose to fight against the propaganda; rather, he joins in the assault on the kook category, hoping to discourage our side from asking questions so we don’t get put in the box.  Net result?

It PISSES ME OFF.  He is sanguine enough on other leftist strategies and wants sunlight and truth and all that nice stuff.  But on Obama’s absolute VACUUM of personal details, he is oddly silent, except to mock birthers.

I want to know what Obama’s high school grades were.  I want to know what his college grades were.  At all the colleges.  I want his term papers and his writings for the Review.  I want the history of his “election” to the Presidency of the Harvard Law Review.  I want his chronology of the name change from Barry Soetero back to Barack Obama.  Because I believe he did not change his name until he was in college in the ’80s, but his recently produced application for a social security number (in Hawaii while still in high school) says Obama on it.

I want to know when and how he regained his American citizenship, given that as a child he was adopted by an Indonesian and was listed in school papers there as an Indonesian and a Muslim.  I want his mother’s passport travel records and his.   I want to know how he got into college, how he got into Harvard Law, who paid his tuition and expenses, what scholarships were used, whether they were foreign student scholarships.  I want to know, when he went to Pakistan, what national passport did he travel with and under what name. 

I want to know if he has a Connecticut social security number, why and how he got it.  I want to know if he’s used more than one SS number. I want to see his real birth certificate.  That isn’t it.  It’s a layered digital document (what incompetent boob releases the layered document without flattening it to a single layer?), and it’s been given to us as if it’s a straight scan of an old piece of paper.  The layers on the document contain, sometimes, just one or two typewritten letters– as if the letters were deliberately added to the document digitally, via an extra layer.  There is no other reason for the extra layers with one or two typewritten letters on them.  And speaking of typewritten letters– there is at least one such character that appears in two different forms, literally as if it was typed by two different typewriters with slightly different character shapes. 

And all this after a long, inexplicable delay (with massive legal expenses on the side of Obama, the cost of long concealment and protection of the documents), followed by the staged release of another false document, the short form.  That one actually had physical impossibilities on it.  A “curling away” of the paper in one corner, but with the lines on that section of paper continuing straight, not curling.  Silly stuff.  Incompetence.  With a bully media and Democrat party to beat questioners back into line.

None of this surprises me.  Way back in 2004, Dan Rather shipwrecked on this rock of digital incompetence and foolishness when he received and publicized a fake document about Bush’s military service.  Whoever created the document had begun with the Microsoft Office default settings, Times New Roman in size 12 font.  The person who did it was probably too young to have ever used a real typewriter and did not know how to fake it, or even that faking it was necessary to fool experts.  He just went with the default settings on the word processor software, printed it, smudged it, wrinkled it a bit and then photocopied it.  But bloggers figured it out the first day.  Typewriters do not match up with Word documents.  The spacings are different.  This document did match up perfectly with others written and printed on the default settings of the word processor.  Slam dunk, goodbye Dan Rather.Sheriff Joe is plowing familiar ground here.  The documents are faked.  I want to know why, and why the long delay, and what is the information that is being kept from us. 

I do not care where he was born, who his father was, or any of the other things Beck and his pals mock me for as a “birther”.  I am a sentient being, I have detected that things are being kept from me with great effort and cost, and I am therefore extremely interested in finding out what it is that is being kept from me.  Given what is at stake, I think it’s likely to be some VERY important information.  But I don’t know or care what it is; I just want it.

I am not vested in anything.  I am not a “birther”.  I am an American, a sensible fellow, and thus an interested party.  For the life of me I cannot understand why Beck doesn’t get this.

But he does good work.  Most of the time he’s ahead of me, sometimes I am ahead of him.  And on this one thing, he PISSES ME OFF.  I went to JERUSALEM with this man, and he mocks me and laughs and laughs, while mischaracterizing and hypersimplifying my positions and concerns.  I just don’t get it.