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Color me keenly disappointed and disillusioned.  Insulted and betrayed by someone I trusted. It would have been bad enough if Glenn Beck had just come out and said why he doesn’t believe the Arpaio Cold Case Posse Report.  At least he would have made an honest and truthful attempt to defend his position, giving us assurance that he had even read the report or watched the video of the news conference.  But instead, Glenn used the same Alinskyite tactics he excoriates the Left for doing, mocking Americans (millions of which are his listeners) and insulting them for “questioning with boldness” and following the truth wherever it leads, because “the truth has no agenda”, right Glenn?  I am so turned off by this, I can’t even watch this video again.  And it will be a while before I will tune into his programs, and may cancel my subscription to GBTV.

I said as much on my radio program last night — we’ve given Glenn Beck the benefit of the doubt about his alternating silence and ridicule of what he refers to as “The Birthers”, because we suspected he was being muzzled by the Fox suits.  We believed that once he had his own deal going on GBTV, the gloves would come off and he’d be among the voices leading the charge for the truth about this 800-pound elephant in the room that no one will take on — the usurper in the White House.  After all, wasn’t Glenn the guy with the red phone?  “Call me.”

So after his comments yesterday, I can no longer defend him. I’m not so sure I can even support him with my monthly payments.  As you know, I have been an avid fan of his, jumped on board with my $10 a month subscription to GBTV last summer, and frequently post clips from his show here on this site.  I drove 24 hours straight to be at Beck’s Restoring Honor rally in Washington DC, and turned around to drive another 24 hours back to Florida when it concluded.  I have made plans to attend the “Restoring Love” event in Dallas this July. I’ve believed him when he says “The Truth Lives Here”, and “The Truth has no Agenda”, and “Question with Boldness”.

Now I’m not so inclined to do it anymore. Here’s what Beck and his echo chamber sidekicks said yesterday when he opened his program. What follows is a post written by TPath that pretty much sums it up for me. What about you?

The Great and Mighty Have Been Exposed

A Combination open letter and opinion
By Dwight Kehoe
March 3, 2012 TPATH

A few weeks back I wrote an opinion piece on the subject of #Obama’s eligibility issues, forged documents and hidden past and why the various groups from the media to conservative talk show hosts, refused to acknowledge or even discuss the possibility that there now serves, in our White House, an usurper. At that time I had given the talk show hosts a bit of a pass, crediting them with having weighed the potential trouble that would result as the country became aware of Obama’s crimes, against any good that could come from it.

Time has run out on that free pass. For the many people that have been involved in the forensics of Obama’s activities, there has been no doubt in our minds concerning his fraudulent documentation. Understanding that our so called conservative talk show hosts, have intentionally avoided this issue and all it’s associated facts, it was easy to see why they are oblivious to them.

A Game Changer Fellows:

This past Thursday, Sheriff Joe Arpaio released a report on his six month investigation into Obama’s eligibility problems and document manipulation. The evidence he produced left no doubt that there has been and continues to be a massive cover up of fraud and forgery. It has become clear that not only would the main stream media continue it’s denial but so would the likes of Rush, Sean, Mark and Glenn.

But wait, they all did not ignore it. No, not quite. Glenn on his radio show and his Blaze website, shook off the horse blinders and brought up Sheriff Joe’s investigation. So, were we finally going to get a prominent conservative to speak of the crazy uncle in the attic? Well, not exactly, but what we did learn was the real reason those supposed defenders of the Constitution have been silent.

Glenn Beck exposed himself and the cadre of others yesterday. They do not fear unrest in the streets. They do not fear a Constitutional crisis. They fear Obama. That’s right! They fear him and what would happen to their careers if that occupier of our White House is in reality so smart and cunning that he is setting a trap for them. This is what they fear and this is what drives their silence. Self preservation is their highest priority.

All of these hosts speak about and promote the Constitution. They give it away free, demand our politicians abide by it and espouse it’s virtue, sometimes, ad nauseam. That rhetoric as well as their phony demeanor as to being its protector and savior, is beginning to stink worse than the south end of a north bound bull.

As Glenn and his cohorts ridiculed and belittled not only Sheriff Arpaio, his extremely efficient investigative team and a very large part of his listeners and viewers, it became evident that he had not even watched the press conference. If he had, he could not have possibly come to the conclusion that Obama has no Hawaii birth related issues because a “newspaper reported” his birth.

Earth to Glenn, Obama and his mother could have been on Mars when the doting grandparents called the local newspaper and told them of Obama’s birth. There is no fact checking or backup required. You give them the info, pay the cost and it gets printed. What grandparents would not like to get their grandchild’s birth in the paper so they could have a keepsake and proudly display it to their friends? Glenn, in contrast to what you said, the person wouldn’t have to be an embedded KGB agent to get that in the paper. Knowing how to dial a phone is all it would take.

I’m not going to go into the many extremely troubling aspects released in Arpaio’s report, you haven’t bothered to read them there and would most likely not read them here. However, to laugh at and impugn a person of great stature, such as Sheriff Arpaio, a person that has always done the right thing, despite the blow back and personal danger he has faced for years, is nothing less than despicable.

Glenn could have and probably should have, continued to ignore the issue. But he chose, instead to “hold up as some kind of joke” not only the millions of people who are concerned about what is going on, but his inclusion of Sheriff Arpaio in that charade, was deplorable.

I lost a lot of respect for Glenn yesterday. TPATH had intended on promoting Glenn’s Dallas event. Now we will not be going or promoting it. It is doubtful we will renew our subscription to GBTV. Glenn promotes his web cast something like this “News the main stream media won’t report”. Why would anyone “pay” to be kept in the dark? The main stream media does that for free.

Finally, to all of you celebrity hosts, who have decided to keep yourself as well as those that depend on you, uninformed, know this. Maybe not this year or next, but eventually, each of you will have been proven to be on the “cowardice” side of this issue. Just as the internet has lessened the people’s dependency on the main stream media, we the people shall wean from the so called conservative talk show hosts. Its your call and its not too late.

In closing, for all the girlie-man hosts that think Obama has intentionally, and masterfully created a deception that will end your careers, wake up. There are many much easier and lawful ways of trapping the enemy. No fellows, Obama has a real big problem. He knows it and has done everything he and his gang of organized forgers and ideological supporters could think of to hide his past for as long as possible. He has managed to subvert and corrupt judges and state officials, he has managed to destroy government passenger manifests, he has criminally used official government seals in forged documents and has hidden every aspect of his life from the public. This man is not a brilliant contriver of an elaborate plan to take down a few talk show hosts or the Republican Party. He is scrambling, lying and breaking the law at every possible opportunity in an effort to continue hiding from his past in order to complete his planned destruction of this country.

The left will continue to hide these things from the public, for ideological reasons. You guys, the pious protectors of the Constitution are actually just protecting yourselves and in the process helping the usurper. That is a shame.

March 3, 2012 TPATH