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If the following email is indicative of the way the crew at Glenn Beck’s shop really thinks about the Constitutional eligibility issue that clearly puts Obama outside of the Constitution, then the Truth does NOT live there.

I received a copy of this email in response to one sent by a friend of mine to some folks at Glenn Beck’s THE BLAZE.  One of them, Mike Opelka, chose to respond to my friend’s email, in which she had included both my posts about Glenn Beck’s Alynskyite mockery of the Sheriff Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse report.

When you read it (below), note that there isn’t one mention of the critical fact that regardless of the birth certificate issue, Obama appears to be in violation of Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.

And I have had several lawyers tell me — both on the show and privately — that at the very least, THE VERY LEAST, this issue should be examined for both legal and societal reasons.  We can’t have a nation thinking their president isn’t legitimate.  Therefore, the logical step would be for any one who calls himself a professional journalist, or reporter, which presumes some level of curiosity and investigative prowess, to ask him or herself the question ‘why does Obama fight in more than two dozen lawsuits to keep from the public’s view a piece of paper and normal documentation we all have to show in the course of our lives?’

This is not just a question, it is an UNAVOIDABLE question.

If you’re a reporter and it doesn’t naturally occur to you to immediately ask the question, then this job doesn’t fit your skill set and you might be in the wrong line of work. I would expect to be fired as a journalist if I was the one NOT asking the question. If there’s nothing going on here, why is Obama spending so much money to fight this issue on so many fronts?

In fact, following that logic, showing his documentation would only solidify Obama’s position.  So why doesn’t he? Reporters:  WHY DOESN’T HE?

It is a matter of national security to have the public  — the world — thinking that our president of the United States is not legitimate.  That he might be ineligible.  This affects the entire axis of nations, our allies and enemies alike.

And to the argument that some journalist bloggers make that they don’t have enough evidence to pursue this, well, you might as well be the office copy boy.  You’re not a reporter worth his salt.  You’re a RINO — a Reporter In Name Only.

Also note that by the second paragraph of his email, Opelka deflects the argument in Alinsky style fashion, pivoting the topic away from the subject to avoid discussing the essential issue.  And hoping, trying, to move the argument to the side issues to keep you as far away from the real subject as possible.

We do ourselves great damage when we allow the Left and uninformed reporters like Opelka to define the issue around the birth certificate.  PEOPLE, IT IS NOT ABOUT THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE.  It is about the Constitution and Obama’s father’s nationality.  Period.

The birth certificate issue is secondary and ancillary to the main point which is, again, the eligibility of Barack Obama to hold the office of president.  We don’t know that he’s a foreigner.  We don’t know that he isn’t. But we should. And absent his cooperation to provide us with his records… well, doesn’t that raise a question?  A legitimate question about his legitimacy?

There isn’t a court in the country that will hear this case on its merits.  Reporters like to say that the courts have already had their say on the matter.  No, they haven’t.  Unless you interpret the courts’ refusal to hear the case of its merits as a clear message that they will NOT touch it.  And are willing to send a decorated 18-year Army flight surgeon to prison rather than allow him to defend himself with evidence?  The same evidence that Obama and his lawyers refused to present — nay, IGNORED a Georgia court’s demand that he do so?

I could go into a litany of examples, case by case, but I’ll leave that to attorney Mario Apuzzo, plaintiff Charles Kerchner, and many others who have been deeply involved in asking the question and the legalities of this since BEFORE Obama was nominated and elected.

It doesn’t matter where you stand on this issue — Republican, Democrat, John Bircher, right or left handed, the fact that certain things are brought to your attention forces you to ask questions, such as: “Why then Mr. President, are you protecting yourself with lawyers at not less than two dozen lawsuits petitioning to see your papers?”

Does the president of the United States fit the definition the Constitution has laid out as being eligible for the office he currently holds?

We’re not asking WHERE he was born.  There’s no evidence on anything except that his father does not fit the description the Constitution has laid out. You don’t have to be a journalist to understand this. You just have to have a love of the Constitution and the Truth.

Unless… you’ve got other reasons, like maybe you’re a stenographer for one or both of the political parties?  Or you’re committing fraud by saying you’re a reporter?

If the following response from a Glenn Beck staffer is the example of what passes for researched journalistic reportage — not to mention honesty and integrity — then maybe it’s time for me to drop my GBTV subscription.  Because to question with boldness is just talk.

—–Original Message—–
From: Mike Opelka <mike@theblaze.com>
Sent: Sun, Mar 4, 2012 6:15 am
Subject: Re: People mad at Beck


(All of this is my opinion and does not represent the opinion of anyone at The Blaze)

I can and will forward your sentiments, but must be totally honest with you. I see the birth certificate issue as a futile and wasteful effort.

Your previous email quoted someone accusing GB of using an Alynski-like tactic as it regards the Sheriff Joe study. I viewed the situation from the exact opposite POV. To me, the Left sees the birther issue as the ONLY way to true paint anti-Obama folks (like us) as crazies. My personal belief – not discussed with GB – is that the birth certificate is a dead issue, a waste of valuable and diminishing time. I do believe the man was born in Hawaii. Therefore, I am not spending a moment on chasing what I consider to be a closed case.

I’m not addressing the questions about the President’s school records (grades and papers, etc.). The fact we cannot see those infuriates me. Especially when you consider how much grief GWB took over his grades… and his were better than Kerry’s!  That’s an issue for another day.

Time is a’wasting… And I know that we have much work to do if we want to unseat a very entrenched, well-organized, and well-funded group of Leftist-Socialists intent on taking apart our country. My personal efforts will be focused on showing the real story of what Obama and his party are doing and planning on doing. The birth certificate discussion (IMHO) is the one topic that automatically stops any progress in showing people what is honestly happening around them. It is like pointing out a pretty cloud to a person up to their neck in quicksand.

The beauty of this country is that people can choose to believe what they think is right. I have chosen to believe that this issue is made to color the opposition to the President as ghost-chasing, crazy people… and that discredits any perfectly formed, logical argument on any other topic you bring forward. That’s Alynski… pure and simple. Paint’em crazy and discredit everything they say or do. “Sure, he/she may be right about energy… economy… spending… etc. BUT did you know he/she is a birther?”

I’m sorry if this makes you roll your eyes and scream at your computer… or even stop loving “The Truth Has No Agenda” – But it is my strong belief that the issue is a fool’s errand.

With highest regard and deepest respect.

Laus Deo,