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I am not surprised.  Quite frankly, I could go with Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich.  Either of them would get my vote and my support for different — and important — reasons if nominated.

Sarah Palin has come forward with her choice.  I agree with her reasons, they’re in line with mine.  I gave my vote to Santorum in the FL primary, but it was a real toss-up for me. Newt? Rick? Newt? Rick?

Has anyone noticed how much FOX News is pushing for Romney?  Does anyone suspect that the LEFT stuffed ballot boxes in Ohio when it looked like Santorum was going to take the Buckeye state?  They want Romney to win as much as the RINO GOP power elite establishment.  I wouldn’t put it past them.  When it’s a close race, that’s what they do.

God help us if Romney succeeds in getting the nomination.  He’s a fake, a phony, a somebody who’s trying to convince us he’s a conservative constitutionalist. So, who’s voting for him?  People who aren’t conservative constitutionalist.  People who see a good looking man with “Business” credentials.  Bah! We see a nice guy who just doesn’t get it.

Here’s Sarah (from the Daily Caller)…

Although she almost endorsed him in an earlier appearance on Fox, Fox News contributor and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin revealed that she voted for former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in the Alaska Republican presidential primary.

During Fox Business Network’s special coverage of Super Tuesday, Palin was asked by host Neil Cavuto who she voted for, and Palin explained why she wasn’t going to dodge his question. (RELATED: More on Sarah Palin)“I knew you were going to ask me that, and I am just the poorest politician-sounding pundit,” Palin said. “It is tough for me to spin out of a question like that when it comes from a Fox reporter. If it comes from another reporter, I can spin out of it. Since it came from you, I will tell you, I won’t sound like a politician and I will tell you who I voted for tonight.”

Palin laid out her criteria in her decision.

“I considered who can best bust through the Orwellian Obama rhetoric that we heard more of today in Obama’s press conference talking about another insolvent and unconstitutional bailout that has no funds to finance — another program that he wants to kind of forced down our throat. Who can best bust these ideas of America never taking steps towards energy independence and we have the natural resources here and can do it, and who can best bust through that radical left dispensation and desire to mistreat those who are defenseless, mistreat those who perhaps have some disadvantages by making them more beholden to government? Who best can contrast themselves from that?

”Who was that? Palin said it was Gingrich, the “cheerful one.”

“I thought who best could do that  — my own personal opinion — is the cheerful one, Newt Gingrich,” she said. “I have appreciated what he has to for — stood boldly for. He has been the underdog in many of these primary races and these caucuses, and I’ve respected what he has stood for. Up here what we have — it’s not a primary, basically it’s not even a caucus — it’s a presidential preference poll. My preference tonight was for the cheerful one.”