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Tonight at 9p ET

The Brietbart videotapes are being aired for the first time tonight… what will they reveal? And the Sunday night interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi at Infoworld/Prison Planet.

The Honorable Elizabeth Letchworth joins us with the inside scoop about what’s happening on Capitol Hill.

The other night we talked about the Capitol Police’s responsibilities, and do they include arresting the President?  Elizabeth answers that question, and you might be surprised at the answer.

Also… Sarah announces her choice. Surprised?

George Will says we should  give up on the presidential race, and instead focus our efforts on Congressional wins in Nov. Elizabeth will talk circles around that argument and how much further damage Obama can do, notwithstanding a GOP congress.

She’ll update us on issues the Senate and House are debating
–oil drilling

And finally, where the campaign is compared to 1980 with Carter vs Reagan.  The comparisons are amazingly similar.