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We are headlining over at WND today.  My column Surfin’ Safari breaks the story that was reported by Katie Pavlich at Townhall.com.

Apparently the truth rankles some on the left — or at least one reader who pokes around WND in a likely attempt to mine for something to complain about.  Like this poor misguided lamb who slugged his email ” Loved Your Column…”

Mrs. King,

I am truly baffled and dumbfounded by the right wing’s relentless attacks on PRESIDENT Obama. It’s a shame as your “Grand O’l Party” continues to discredit our President. As you continue to try to delegitimize President Obama, the country continues to suffer through a horrible recession which was created by REPUBLICAN Governor George W. Bush. This is Bush’s recession, PERIOD. You can try to spin this as much as you want, however, the facts speak for themselves. Instead of Republicans being the obstructionist and treasonist party which you’ve shown,  that energy should be channeled into positive and productive energy. Don’t you get tired of living your daily life spreading negativity and hate? It’s shameful, how your party would rather consistently spread disgusting, offensive stories about President Obama. The bottom line is the G.O.P. is bitter for one reason. President Obama happens to be black, period, end of story. But guess what, based on the Republican clown show (Primary) so far, you people don’t have a chance in this year’s election. You see, the American people are to smart to fall for every lying story on Conservative blogs such as this one, written by hacks like you. Fox News(AKA Fixed news), is a wonderful source for opinion, hate based lies, and it’s unfortunate, that they are allowed to report that type of malice content. I suggest you look yourself in the mirror and figure out how to be honest with yourself and people in general. Shame on you Mrs. King.


San Dimas, CA.