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“Communism doesn’t work… East German survivor”.

Dave Perkins was riding with us on one of our Tea Party Express national tours when he met Elke.  (In fact, that’s how Dave and I met.)  I remember the day he shot this video.  Elke had an amazing story, and Dave recognized that this opportunity to videotape her telling it was a special moment.

He writes, “I shot that with her on the TPX bus in October 2010 just south of Ft. Worth.  It’s on my YouTube channel.  Her friends flagged me down and told me to ask her questions, because she wanted to talk about it. Nobody mentioned to me they were going to post it on the Blaze… 

I hope Elke doesn’t get mad at me for making her famous or anything.  She kind of did want to warn people, so.. she’s warning a lot more people than she thought she would.  :-)”

Be sure to read the comment section at The Blaze where this was posted by Mike Opelka.