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There’s been a melody coursing through my brain lately.  It’s a song that’s been around for years, but lately I seem to have rediscovered it and I can’t get it out of my head.  It never meant much to me when it was popular, but now it takes my breath away.

My radio show listeners can probably guess what it is.  I’ve played it a couple of times on the program, and get all “verklempt” whenever I hear it.  And like I said, it’s been going around and around in my head… for days.

I won’t leave you in suspense.  The melody is Neil Diamond’s “They Come To America”.  And I seem to have adopted it as my current national anthem. It epitomizes the spirit of our nation in a glorious way.  But…

This morning, I’m sipping coffee, scrolling through my email, and I come upon a thread of conversation that has that song buzzing in my head again.  The conversation also brought me to a couple of things I read before hitting the sack last night (Thanks, JasmineSea…) — “Hope of the Wicked”, an eye-opening 550-page, heavily footnoted book written in May 2000 by Ted Flynn that foretold what was to come and has come to pass today — and a subsequent interview with Flynn done by Geoff Metcalf about the book.

OK, back to the present.  So disturbing and thought provoking is this email conversation, I want to share it with you.  After you read through it, I think you’ll understand why.

So here we go, beginning with “The Trucker’s” opening comment:

Tonight, I had dinner at the T/A truck stop in [redacted], MN (northwest side of Minneapolis). I sat at the counter where several other drivers sat. Also at this same counter sat a man that, as I discovered while listening to him talk with a couple of other drivers, is from Chicago, but “Palestinian” by heritage and Jordanian by citizenship. I took that to mean he was an Arab or Persian whose family left Israel in the late 40s or early 50s, when the Muslim community rejected the Palestinian Mandate and the UN-supported two-state setup.

Some of the things he claimed:

Hitler didn’t kill the Jews; rather, the Holocaust was rich Jews robbing and killing poor Jews.

Most of the problems in the world are caused by the Jews, who create problems in order to profit from them.

Palestine belongs to the Muslims; the Jews stole it from them over the course of about 50 years, ending with David Ben Gurion declaring Israeli independence in 1948.

The Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, and West Bank areas were stolen by Israel when Israel invaded Syria and Jordan.

…and this man has the licensing necessary to legally drive a truck loaded with 44,000 pounds of high explosives all over the US.

I had to get up, go pay my ticket and leave. Because otherwise I would be spending the night in jail for assault.

Big D:

They are taught these things from birth.  Their parents and the local leaders and religious types grind it into them, on purpose, to use the next generation as a weapon.  They all say the same things until the children fully, completely believe them. 
Shows you what we’re up against.  It isn’t a dispute over borders or land swaps or control of Jerusalem’s quarters.
It is their certainty that Israel ought not to exist.  Period. 
Jews should die.  Israel should end.  That is the right outcome, in their view.  They cannot defend it rationally, but they believe it IRRATIONALLY, which is probably far worse.  Independent thought is discouraged, the facts are given to children on a silver platter, this is truth, this is history, if someone else says different well he’s a lying Jew-lover.

The indoctrination is rather like the leftist one.  Children cannot come out of such a process with anything like an inquiring mind or truth-seeking spirit.  They come out of it wanting to kill one person in order to earn the love and respect of another. 

Better to have a millstone hung around your neck and be tossed into the sea than to lead one of My little ones astray, the Good Book says.  There can be no more clearcut and dreadful example of it than the typical middle eastern child.

And he is blithely, without irony, talking at a truckstop counter, making a decent living as a free man in the USA.


I will share a brief, highly redacted experience with you…
Some time ago, well before 9/11 happened for real, but had happened in my fears 1,000’s of times, I was tasked with surveillance of Middle Easterners here for training on our fighter jets…  Yes, they were Pilots…  
The “president” at the time thought it would be good to reach out as a show of faith and good will, and teach them to fly fighter jets…  Yes, not kidding.
In the significant period of watching their every move, I observed them consume alcohol like fish in water, porn like the worst of porn addicts, and prostitutes like leeches on a bloody leg…  (always young as possible dressed as middle school girls) yes, I am serious.
They, while here appeared to love the worst of our society. The most decadent debauchery did not seem enough for them.
What a certain event occurred I was tasked with “hosting our guests more close attention for their protection”. The first few days they were polite and cautiously friendly.  Tersely respectful.
After a bit, we saw the real them…  They spewed hatred and venom which they vowed to make actionable in a very kinetic and explosive way.  They vowed to rape and torture our Jewish dog masters and our children and our wives before they tortured and raped them before our eyes.  Before doing the same to us.
Bear in mind, they were our guests, being fed religiously prepared foods in accordance with Islam and all rules…  They were sleeping in lovely accommodations we were paying for…  
They were provided Quo ran’s and Arab language reading materials.  One of my colleagues spoke fluent Arabic, though his pasty white skin did not testify to that fact, we understood alm the vile things they vowed to do to us, our family’s and one day, to our country…   
Over the years before and after that and many more intense experiences I can fully assure you, hate me if you will, I will not trust middle Easterners, at all, ever, in any way.  
As some of you know, my most recent doctorate is in Theology with a concentration in Hebrew worldview and Biblical Culture.   
I divulge that to say this; in order to properly understand the Hebrew culture one must also study the adjacent cultures as well.  The challenge foisted upon the Jewish people for so many centuries leaves me with a deep and abiding love and respect for their strength and intestinal fortitude.  
They are surrounded by seething hatred for them despite the fact that the most free and best treated Muslims are IN Israel!!!  They smile, laugh and go about their days knowing that those who surround them literally wish to see them vaporized.  
Laugh at me if you like, scorn if you wish, but those same people who wish Israel’s demise, dance with glee at the thought of our death as well.  

They are deeply embedded in our country, our commerce, our medicine, food supply, fuel supply, and our government. They’re patiently waiting, while we sleep.

The Author:

When these fools understand that America is “no easy way,” because we are willing to confront them on their views, they will understand that our resolve is stronger than their resolve.

I am hesitant to admit this publicly, but most of you know me so you know I’m no pacifist. That said, I would have provoked that “truck driver” (latent terrorist), but calling him a fool, daring him to hit me. I believe that the other truckers would have had my back as it were with my “cover story”, when the cops showed up to scrape his Jew-hating, America-hating butt off the deck.

Further, I would have reported him to the authorities, but not those in the pocket of the Muslims, but the “good ol’ boys” all along the food chain.

We are headed to a reckoning and like Shawn, I trust NO Middle Easterners. I profile, and I don’t care if people know it.

We have let Liberalism run roughshod on us, and the Muslim have sided with those who will allow them to do their will. And their will to us is demonic to say the least.

Believe it or not, we are in a war with the Muslim, and they are here inside the Trojan horse.


You touch on something that few Americans seem to appreciate: the Islamic mind recognizes only the most superficial distinction between Israel and Christendom and less distinction still between Christendom and “The West”.

You, Sheepdog, are a far greater authority than I on this topic, so I’ll rely on you for further clarity (and to call me out, please, if I’m off the mark), but here is my conclusion, based on my observations and personal conversations while working as a volunteer English teacher, with (mostly Arab and Persian) refugees.
Christians do not regard themselves as Jews, and Jews do not regard Christians as Jews, but from the stand point of a third party observer who claims neither faith, Christianity is a sect of Judaism–an heretical sect, perhaps, but a taxonomically Jewish one, none the less. Christians are Jews.
Furthermore, our Western ideas about the separation of church and state are complete anathema to Islamic political philosophy (and yes, Islam is so much more than a religion). National identity remains subordinate to–nay, is eclipsed by–religious identity. Westerners are all, by definition, Christian and, therefore, Jews.
When they’re talking about “the Jews”, they’re talking about us. Even the so-called (*sigh*) liberals.


A couple of things come to mind:

First, some years ago (prior to 9/11), I knew a woman who lived in Melbourne FL.  Originally from Ireland, she had been a flight attendant with Saudi Air.  She often talked of the many flights when she’d be propositioned by the mideasterners (princes and potentates) to be their prostitute.  She said she always refused (she found them to be most undesirable), but many of the flight attendants did take them up on their offer and were paid with jewelry, money, and other luxuries.  She said the mideasterners were pigs and hypocrites.  She eventually married a pilot and left that job, but her sister — also a flight attendant — married a mideasterner and lived her life regretting it.  She never had children, knowing that if she ever escaped from her Arab husband’s clutches, she’d never get her kids away from him.

Second, late last night I read — among other related things — an interview done by Geoff Metcalf with Ted Flynn, author of a book titled “Hope of the Wicked” written May 2000 in which he detailed the reality of the world order (it is heavily footnoted.)  His outlook was amazingly accurate… the things he wrote of based on his research have come to fruition.  The interview can be read here:


And lastly, yesterday there was a stunning article in The Blaze, taken from Wired.com reporting on the NSA’s mega site in Utah that is a server farm about to go online to gather everything on the Internet, including this email.


Gentlemen, based on all we now know, I propose to you that what Sher Zieve (writer/author) said on my show Thursday night is true — the coup has already taken place.  We just haven’t been officially notified.

It is Defcon 3.  Watch for things to become more dire in the days ahead.

The enemy walks among us.


As “The Trucker” above, I should correct what I said about 44 tons of high explosives. The maximum legal weight of a CMV is 40 tons. Minus the weight of the tractor, trailer, fuel, driver, etc – one arrives at a figure between 42,000 and 48,000 pounds. So the guy can haul 44,000 pounds, or 22 tons – not 44 tons. My bad. I was thinking in thousands of pounds and writing “tons”.

The same guy sat at the counter just after I ordered breakfast this morning as well. Having been shamed by my lack of standing-up the night before, and the lack of ready details with which to shred this man’s assertions (which was part of why I didn’t stand up the night before), I had done some reading online regarding the origins of Israel, the land purchases by the JNF in what was then part of the Ottoman Empire and later part of the British Empire, and so forth.

And this morning, I confronted the man. Not loudly, not in a “confrontational” tone, but I calmly engaged in a verbal fencing match for an hour. It got frustrating after a while, because it was like talking to a wall.

Every time I cited an irrefutable fact, he dismissed it as a “Jewish lie”, foisted on an unsuspecting public by the Jew-controlled media. When I mentioned that the Jews had been buying land from the Ottoman Turks for half a century or more before David Ben-Gurion declared Israeli independence, and that they had not only paid but paid exorbitant prices for their land, he dismissed it as a combination of falsehood and exaggeration. When I explained to him that the war in 1948 was the result of attacks on Israel from 3 sides, that the Six Day War was the result of Egypt illegally closing the Strait of Tiran to Israeli traffic, and that the reason the IDF has conducted raids into Jordan was because that part of Jordan was the launching point for literally thousands of missile attacks on Israel, he claimed these aggressive acts against Israel were warranted as retaliation against Israel stealing the homes of the Palestinians.

Then he also mentioned this doozy: “All Muslims desire peace. The way to have peace all over the whole world is for all people to read the Koran and obey Allah.” Well, yeah – if you convert everyone to your own religion, it kind of does away with the need to kill the infidels, doesn’t it? And if they won’t convert, well, there’s always the sword.

I’m not a deeply religious man. I’m not even a religious man at all. About the best one-word description I’ve found for my own particular set of spiritual beliefs is “Deist”. I believe God exists, and that He created all the matter in the Universe and created the earliest life. Beyond that, I have no beliefs. But I’ll share this with you. Based on what I’ve read of the Koran and my conversation with this Muslim, if Satan exists, his nickname is Allah.