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Excerpt from Trevor Loudon:

Everything fits together if you look at it right. Syria, Israel, Iran, the US… Obama is not incompetent, he does everything for a reason. He’s getting ready to dance in the Middle East, but he’s not doing it for our friend and ally Israel. No, he’s in reelection mode and he wants a whole bevy of issues swept under the carpet and a war is the perfect distraction. I don’t think he has any intention of ‘winning’ it – this is just so he can finish what he started in the US – ‘change’ the Marxist way that is.

I believe that World War III has already begun. This war will not just be Iran and the US – it will be a World War with allies on both sides of the aisle. Guess which side Russia, China, Venezuela and N. Korea will be on? This could well be not only a cyber war, but a nuclear war. Do not fool yourself into thinking that we will be safe from the war because we have an ocean between ‘us’ and ‘them.’ That is no longer true.

So why issue an EO that was already out there, merely updated with new agencies and the inclusion of non-emergency situations? My take, he’s getting everything organized for a non-emergency named Iran. With the chaos of the American Spring coming, Depression economics in place with high unemployment, inflation and an eminent stock market crash, the timing will be perfect this fall to go to war and bring the top down on America. But don’t worry, they’ll at least call it an emergency… You know just so they can finally be rid of that old, dusty document called the Constitution.