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Dr. S writes:

I sent this to a respected black minister/author friend this morning after yet another Trayvon is the victim of racist society post.  As the FACTS of this case emerge, it is increasingly more apparent that this

A. Was not at all a racial issue.

B.  Was not racial profiling.

C.  The pictures being put out by the media circus are old.  Trayvon was actually larger than Zimmerman, has an extensive criminal record.  Zimmerman, himself a minority, however, does not have a criminal record, at all.

D. The contents of his back pack contained illegal and as it is becoming evident, stolen items.

E. corroborating eyewitness testimony states Zimmerman was walking back to his vehicle when struck the first time.

F. Others have stated they would like to contribute what they saw, but fear the NBPP and so they will not sign a witness statement.

G. Some of the witnesses are not white.

H. “Wanted” posters are against Federal Law.

This is not a cover up, these are the facts.

I am beginning to sense that people WANT this to be a race issue, despite the evidence pointing otherwise.

Speaking ignorance loudly with furor is still ignorance.  Doing so knowing the facts that do not support our cause is lying, plain and simple.

It is becoming clear that Zimmerman was doing what people in the crime ridden communities SHOULD do, DO something about their communities!

Blacks kill each other at a disturbing rate in communities all across America.  The residents when asked by police what they saw/heard….  Silence, inaction.

“I am afraid of the consequences” is no longer an excuse.

You get the community you allow.

Zimmerman by ALL factual accounts was neither a racist nor a “wanna be cop”.

Rather, he was standing up for his community.

HE was doing something!  As much as you want to make Trayvon a hero for the cause, a scared young man being followed by a racist trigger happy white guy wanna be cop, he wasn’t.

He was part of the problem.

As much as you want to make the police investigation invalid because of racism, it wasn’t.

The investigation was properly carried out by not only white investigators, but also by black supervisors and investigators.

Since this happened there have been several truly heinous race crimes committed against truly innocent kids, not a peep from the media or Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton…  Why?

Because the victims, all seven of them, where white.

Enough is enough.