“Out-friggin-standing! Will Sandra Fluke cameo as Ivanna Humpalot?” – Commenter

Obama and his ilk are like pathogenic bacteria.  Opportunistic.  Always seeking a host upon which to feed. Obama bacteria can spread far and last long because of their ability to go dormant for an extended period, waiting for an opportunity to flare up. Bacteria is always there, waiting to feed on a host. Bacteria like Obama derive their energy from vulnerable hosts, example: a country that has grown apathetic and complacent. Our nation is in a raging fever because of Obama bacteria.  Who will win?  Host or bacterial invader?

No point in trying to analyze it any further.  In nature, in life, there always has been and will always be pathogenic bacteria — from the smallest matter to the universe in which we live and die.  We know it by different names.  Lenin. Mao. Stalin. Hitler. Papa Doc Duvalier.  Idi Amin. Saddam Hussein. Bashar Assad.

The solution is to arm yourself with whatever antibiotics you need to beat back this necrotic pathogen. And do it fast, before this bacteria takes over.