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Lucky for me I was sitting down when I saw this…

Really?  Really???

O my gawd.  I laughed, and laughed, and then laughed some more.  This is some “get-up”.  Does Wookie think she looks good in this rig?  Even the matronly frump Hillary looks better than this — not by much, but people, look at this example of excess in all the wrong places.  Camel toe?  Yeewwwwww….. Obviously Empress Moose’s fashion designer/advisor was having a good April Fools laugh at the First Usurper’s expense. 

I grabbed the pic and the sent it to Big Fur Hat at I Own The World ’cause I knew he’d appreciate it as much as I did.

He did and was already on it, posting it at I Own the World.  The ensuing comments have me laughing all over again.

So, you must, you really must, head over there, darlings.  And don’t worry about bringing your funny bone with you.  There are plenty there to go around.  Wrapped in ample fat and skin tight metallic snakeskin.