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My father in law Paul is now in hospice care, beginning his final journey home.  He is being well cared for, as are we, his family members.  The HPH Hospice Marliere House in New Port Richey, Florida is a beautiful facility, with plenty of comfortable nooks for quiet chats and relaxation, a cheerful dining room with snacks and meals available to the family members… essentially all the comforts of home.

The Marliere Care Center, dedicated in loving memory of Bud and Helen Marliere by Hernando-Pasco Hospice In Grateful Appreciation for their Legacy of Commitment, Compassion and Care to all those who shall pass through these doors. September 24, 2004

Thank YOU all for your kind words of hope and encouragement, as well as your prayers. So many of you have written to express your concern and I am touched by your kindnesses.

Through the many doctors’ visits, home health nursing, hospital and rehab visits, the ten-week long roller coaster ride is about to come to an end, at least for one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet.  His golf buddies are in tears at the thought of losing his friendship and camaraderie.  Paul is one of those guys who is a quick thinker, dry-witted, funny, and a good judge of character.  He’s no one’s fool, has always treated people fairly and has never been afraid to stand his ground if he thought someone was trying to pull a fast one.  He’s been a devoted husband to Bess, and been fiercely protective of her as the Alzheimer’s disease has taken over her once-crisp mind. Things will be different for her as she faces the days ahead without the protection and love of her life, her sweetheart.

Short term and long term adjustments for her will be made in due time, but for now we accept God’s will and with faith, prepare for what tomorrow will bring.

We believe

In supporting hope.

Hope for a miracle.

Hope for a peaceful passing.

Hope for the comfort that comes from healing goodbyes.

And hope for the future for those who remain.

We believe in dignity. And in choice.

We believe in fighting – and in letting go.

We believe in faith and love and honesty.

We believe in life till the end.

— HPH Hospice