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Hello friends!

Andrea Shea King here, your Radio Patriot and Vice Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.  I am writing to you from Charlotte, North Carolina site of this year’s BlogCon2012 – the largest gathering of conservative bloggers that takes place all year!

There is so much important work being done as all these leading conservative bloggers, writers and analysts have come together to finalize the roadmap to victory this election year.  It’s not just about someone with an “R” after their name winning, it’s about advancing constitutional conservative principles – and candidates who embrace them – so that we can turn our country around and build for a brighter future.

There are so many fantastic people here.  The conference is organized by Tabitha Hale, who is a firecracker and committed patriot.  Tabitha is the New Media Director of The Franklin Center, and previously played a similar role with the group, FreedomWorks.  Not surprisingly, these two organizations are the principal sponsors of BlogCon2012.

The conference is being held this year in honor of the great Andrew Breitbart, who was one of the leaders in the push for conservative alternatives to the liberal media.

And that spirit lives on… you see, we recognize that we must put together the communications network to get the word out to voters on key issues and candidates, because we know the media will lie, cheat, and distort in order to smear conservatives and glorify liberals.  That’s how we got stuck with “The Messiah” – Barack Obama, as the media spent all of 2008 telling the American people how great he was.  Now more people know the real truth.

And there is a lot of truth-telling that must be done between now and November.

Please, follow my reports and updates from BlogCon2012 on my websites:

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Let’s keep up the good fight!  We’ve got so much to do to save our great nation.  God Bless you all!

-Andrea Shea King (That’s me pictured at BlogCon2012 with John Ruberry of the Marathon Pundit blog)

Vice Chairman, The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama

The Radio Patriot

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