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A voice in the darkness, Ann Barnhardt clears up the confusion…

He who fears God cannot be coerced by the state. 1

Posted by Ann Barnhardt – May 11, AD 2012 5:54 PM MST

I keep an eye on where my essays are reposted and “syndicated” on the interwebs. I have always received a lot of positive feedback from atheists and agnostics (more on that this weekend), but I am seeing a marked uptick in the number of rough-and-ready men reposting my stuff, and making the explicit connection between the personal morality and integrity of this (or any) population and the viability of that population’s government and civilization. I see more and more guys realizing that at the end of the day, if there isn’t a deep-seated intrinsic morality and a fear of getting crossways with what many of them refer to as “the Natural Law”, then there is no amount of government (either too much or too little) or any economic theory (either interventionist or laissez-faire) that can keep that society from its own inevitable death spiral.

Building on that idea, I want to explain why exactly it is that the Marxist-homosexualist infiltrators of the Church have had as one of their top-tier objectives the emasculation and castration of Jesus Christ – specifically the minimizing and outright denial of Christ’s nature as the Judge of mankind.

Starting with the easiest target first, Superfun Rockband church™. To call a group of people who worship themselves and their capacity for self-reverential “entertainment” “Christian” is becoming increasingly difficult when the objective evidence points to these suburban blights as being neo-paganism in every regard. Where is the altar? There isn’t one. Where is there a Cross? There are no crosses. When is any reference made to Christ’s sacrifice in propitiation and perfect atonement for the sins of the world, including the sins of the latte-sipping dolts sitting in their reclining, triple-cushioned theater-style seats? Where are there any references to personal sin? Where are there any references to objective Truth? There are none – there is only “your truth and my truth”, “How I FEEEEL”, and then BRING ON THE ROCK BAND!

The notion of Christ as the Fearsome Judge of Man is as foreign to these people as the concepts of reverence, solemnity and humility before God. The Enemy notched Superfun Rockband church™ on his “victory” column years and years ago. Satan’s only objective now is to get Superfun Rockband church™ to grow and suck in as many poor sinners as possible – but the paradigmatic damage is already fully accomplished.

Next up is the infiltrated, and likely soon-to-schism Catholic Church. Soon-to-schism? Yep. Very much like the Anglican schism under Henry VIII in England 500 years ago, it appears likely that the Catholic Church in the United States will schism from the See of Peter in Rome and will become a client of the regime in Washington, complete with “gay marriage”, female priests, ratified contraception and abortion and every other form of evil imaginable celebrated under the banner of “tolerance” and “inclusiveness”. The Roman Catholic Church remaining in the U.S. will then be forced underground by means of property confiscation, civil rights litigation, and finally criminal litigation. Before this is over, Roman Catholics (as opposed to the new “American catholics”) will be openly killed ON THIS CONTINENT. There’s a name for that. It’s called GENOCIDE, and it is coming. Mark my words.

The Marxist-homosexualist infiltration of the Church has already set the stage for this schism, and the brain-dead Catholics are primed for it. Priests have all but abandoned the Sacrament of Confession, or Penance. In the last two months alone, I have had to personally correct TWO priests, one in person and one in writing, who expressly denied that the Sacrament of Confession was in any way necessary and thus could be totally dismissed. The scary part is that both of these priests would be considered “conservative” in the spectrum of the post-Vatican II Novus Ordo (Mass in English facing the people) wing of the Church. The point of this is, like Superfun Rockband church™, everything is being done to convince people that the only sin is “intolerance” and that Jesus is an effete, passive mascot who only wants to “slobber us with kisses.” You know, kind of like your pet dog who you had neutered last year. That’s how these demons want you to regard the Sovereign King of the Universe, Our Creator, Our Savior and Our Judge – as a stupid, ball-less dog who will “slobber you with kisses” if you just deign to pat Him on the head every now and then.

He who fears God cannot be coerced by the state. 2

Posted by Ann Barnhardt – May 11, AD 2012 5:54 PM MST

Now for the punchline in all of this. Why does this matter? Why are Marxsits and homosexualists so massively invested in obscuring and denying the role of Christ as the Fearsome Judge of Mankind?

Because the Marxists and homosexualists want you to fear NOT GOD, but fear ONLY THE STATE.


Thus, Fear of the Lord has GOT TO GO.

Let’s get pragmatic, folks. You know that this government is no longer in any way legitimate. You know that Obama is himself illegitimate and that the Constitution has been completely overthrown and discarded. You know that the regime in Washington is evil and is now MANDATING that you participate in, cooperate with, and SUBSIDIZE pure abject evil, not the least of which is the slaughter of unwanted children. You know this. And yet, I am probably the only person you know that has publically declared a tax strike. Why? Well, for you bloggers, look at your comment threads whenever you post anything I write. “That chick is nuts. The IRS is going to put her in prison, or the DHS is going to pay her a “visit” one of these days, and they’ll find her dead in her bathtub. I don’t think she knows what she is getting herself into.”

The fact of the matter is that I possess the far superior clarity of thought. Why? Because I FEAR GOD.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is prudence. Proverbs 9:10

I fear His Judgement. I fear the moment of having to look into His eyes as He hangs skinned and crucified before me, because of me, and experience the full force of the pain that I have caused Him by my BETRAYAL of Him. It just so happens that now, in this time, submission to the evil state, borne from a greater fear of the state than of God, is a BETRAYAL OF CHRIST.

If Christ has been reduced to a slobbering, castrated pet dog, and not the Just Judge of Sinners, then the ONLY thing that people will fear will be the state. There won’t even be a tension in the minds of the people. People will do anything that the state tells them to do not only because they fear the wrath of the IRS or other government arm, but also because they have been convinced that they can betray God without limit, and like a stupid, abused dog, Jesus will “slobber them with kisses” while they make the CONSCIOUS, CONSIDERED DECISION to beat the shit out of Him and nail Him to the Cross at the explicit command of the state. They will do this because they fear exclusively the wrath of the state and not the Pierced, Burning, Sacred Heart of Jesus. Ask any Christian you know today if they are willing to declare and enjoin a tax strike against the government, and you will see that the state is feared completely, and that Fear of the Lord has been utterly purged from the ranks of the Church Militant.

An army that completely fears its enemy, and has no fear or respect for its own supreme commander or his orders will be defeated. Swiftly.

The only thing that the people of the United States, from the “devout” Christian (including the vast, vast majority of priests and bishops) to the neo-pagan Superfun Rockband church™ denizen to the atheist, fear is the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Homeland Security. If the state says, “pay for abortions, or else”, the people will do it, and to hell with the stupid, slobbering, impotent Jesus. If the state says, “Sodomy is normal and good, and you will celebrate it, or else”, the people will do it and to hell with the stupid, slobbering, impotent Jesus. I can beat the shit out of Jesus, and He will never do anything but “slobber me with kisses.” I don’t even have to say “sorry.” Father said so in his homily last Sunday. He even put it in the bulletin.

Unless and until this highly disordered condition is corrected and Fear of the Lord reclaims supremacy in the hearts of men, there is NO HOPE for this nation. None.