Thank Big Fur Hat for this one, his most outrageous yet! 

Did Newsweek REALLY think they were doing Obama a favor?  Did the editors realize how absolutely they were (inadvertently?) outing the Usurper and verifying what the boys in Chicago’s gay community have known and been writing about for years?

Thanks to Sher Zieve for this compilation:

The First Gay President

Sy Rogers: From a homosexual lifestyle to a leading voice on God and sexuality

Sex and Murder in The Land of Obama?

Kenya: Top Muslim Clerics Trash Obama For Backing Gay Marriage, Accuse Him of Playing God

Obama’s Fictional Past As Invented By Obama – Part One

Book: Rev. Wright offered $150 grand in 2008 to shut up until after election

Deconstructing the TIME Breastfeeding Cover  ‘…The toddler is getting his nourishment from the federal government.  He is getting this for free  a symbol to represent the 40-something percent of Americans that have become dependent on the federal government for their nourishment, for their medical care, for free cell phones, for housing subsidies, for extended unemployment benefits, for subsidized student loans, and for a myriad of other government services that go above and beyond the limited government with enumerated powers that the Framers of our Constitution envisioned..’

Trumka: Obama gay marriage endorsement ‘could turn off some labor people’ http://noisyroom.net/blog/2012/05/13/trumka-obama-gay-marriage-endorsement-could-turn-off-some-labor-people/