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Executive Orders And The New American Sovyet

Dear Mr. Boehner, Mr. McConnell, et. al;

…It is your role, Congress, to stop the Executive encroachment into the Legislature and it is your duty to stop the Federal encroachment upon individual Liberty. Our founders took great care when creating a federal government that would be limited and always in submission to the states and the people.

WHEN is Congress going to take a real stand against the destruction of the rights and privileges of this people? Will you wait until it’s too late? Mere “outrage” doesn’t get the job done. This Congress is pushing the nation to a point of turmoil it has not seen for 150 years. And make no mistake; each and every one of you will be personally responsible for what will occur. Are you prepared to live with that responsibility and those consequences? It will not fall on the shoulders of the President alone and the blame game will not alleviate the suffering of our children when they are so grievously affected. Yet, we can avoid repeating the mistakes of our history. But we must act now. We must act decisively. If not, we will regret our neglect. We have the opportunity now, but have no guarantee it will be available much longer.

Read the rest of KrisAnne Hall’s instruction to the Republican “Leadership”. It’s an education and an excellent blueprint to return our country back to what the founders intended.