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The Gateway Pundit:

Karl Rove gave his latest 2012 election predictions on The O’Reilly Factor tonight.

“I think North Carolina is gone just like Indiana is gone. I think Ohio and Florida are leaning today towards Romney. I think places like Iowa and Colorado are in danger of floating into the Republican column. And states like Nevada and Pennsylvania are moving from lean Democrat into toss-up category. And on June 5th, mark my words, we will have more poll data than we got today that is going to show that Wisconsin’s a battleground state.”

The best comment was left by “Arch”:

Arch commented:

Obama is not so popular with democrats. In North Carolina, 21% of democrats voted “no preference.” In West Virginia, 41% voted for a convict with a mullet. In New Hampshire, 20% wrote in “Ron Paul.” In the Arkansas primary, he may lose. Obama’s at 44% and a Tennessee lawyer is at 37%. In California, opponents plan to write in “Mickey Mouse.” A lot of democrats believe he can’t win. For once, I agree.

In 2008, he won these voters – 95% of blacks, 78% of Jews, 67% of Latinos, 54% of Catholics, and 66% of young voters age 18-25.

Blacks voted for him because he was black. In return, their unemployment rate is twice the national average and their unemployment insurance is running out. A major factor in their vote was his opposition to gay marriage. Black churches do not support gay marriage.

Jews voted for Obama because he is a democrat. In return he threw Israel under the bus, advocating the 1967 borders and siding with Palestinians claim to Jerusalem. Egypt has gone from a friend to a militant islamic enemy. Iranian warships sail through the Suez Canal and Iran is on the verge of testing a nuclear weapon.

Latinos want jobs and amnesty in that order. Their jobless rate is also above the national average. No amnesty.

Catholics supported Obama because they are social liberals and they viewed his welfare state and his stand on immigration. ObamaCare’s abortion coverage was a declaration of war on the church. On April 25th a Catholic group sued HHS over the mandate as an infringement of their First Amendment rights. They may want to sue also over the 14th Amendment – equal treatment. muslims are exempt from the mandate, because they consider insurance gambling.

Young people thought Obama was cool. Half of the new college graduates are unemployed and facing large student loan debt. Back in mom’s basement. Mom’s not to happy either; she cosigned the loans.

Romney will eat Obama’s lunch.