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“Win One for the Gipper” Says New Pro-Walker Ad By Mysterious Tea Party Group. A Tea Party PAC called The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama is running new ads in Wisconsin shortly before the June 5 recall election. The ad stars Michael Reagan, the oldest son of President Ronald Reagan. In the ad, Michael Reagan compares Walker to the conservative icon: “We need leaders like Scott Walker, he is a reminder of somebody named Reagan from a long time ago.” The ad ends with the plea: “Win this one for the Gipper.” The PAC is not registered in the state of Wisconsin and is not permitted to engage in electioneering. Others ads the group has run in the state can be accessed here. The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama is “focused on making sure conservatives win the 2012 Presidential election.”

According to their website it is “lead [sic] by a team of experienced conservative activists” that includes: Andrea Shea King, a conservative talk radio host who traveled around Wisconsin with the Tea Party Express to “save Wisconsin Republican state senators from recall,” and Joe Wierzbicki, a political consultant who has helped the Tea Party frame their message, and who has “helped plot image-rebuilding efforts.” 

The American Prospect contacted Wierzbicki about the PAC’s involvement in Wisconsin. He replied saying that the recall election in Wisconsin “is the opening chapter of the presidential race” and that “the ramifications of the RECALL election are huge.”

—  PolicyMic