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Jackie Willoughby of Ft Myers, Florida writes:

“This email is from my son David. This is not about Democrat/Republican or Liberal/Conservative….this is about freedom and how it is being slowly (some would say rapidly) taken away. Read what he has to say, watch the video. Set politics aside for now…just listen and watch what happened to him. If you care about America please fwd this to everyone you know.”

My name is Dave Willoughby. I am the one in the video.


Without being told what I had done, I was handcuffed and escorted off premise. Placed in a squad car and taken to a police station. I asked if I should have my rights read to me and was told “You’re not being arrested.” My personal property was taken from me, I was fingerprinted, mug shot taken and locked in a dark jail cell (lights off) still handcuffed.

I sat in that jail cell, looking out of a meshed wire window, at a large American flag flying in the background. Where am I? How can this be happening? What did I do wrong? I prayed for strength.

When I swore the oath to protect and defend the Constitution, I never realized until recently, how vulnerable our precious freedoms actually are.

I did nothing wrong. There were literally hundreds of cameras at this event. I challenge all media to find one shred of evidence, which would support the actions of the Milwaukee PD officers.

Does Mayor Barrett approve?

Dave Willoughby

Victoria Baer writes:


It is time to wake up to what is going on in our country.  We no longer have freedoms and it’s because most of us sat on the couch watching Dancing with the Idiots…as this happened.  I was one of them (except I didn’t watch Dancing with the idiots, Survivor or American Idol) but I was too busy working to realize what was happening in our  country until by the Grace of God …he woke me up in April 2008.  We are rapidly losing our freedoms!

Think I am kidding… how safe do you feel speaking out, calling your representative, putting a particular bumper sticker on your vehicle…the list goes on?

It is time to put COUNTRY in front of FAMILY and JOB…if you don’t….I guarantee you….your country is coming messing with YOU and YOUR FAMILY?  Understand?   So as you sit there and say, I have a family, I have a job, whine whine whine ,

I can promise you ….you WILL NOT HAVE YOUR FAMILY, your savings in the bank, your job…if you DO NOT STOP AND GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!!   WE MUST SPEAK OUT NOW…. Heard the saying…speak NOW or FOR EVER HOLD YOUR PEACE!!!


Sher Zieve writes:

Chillingly, the new “Marxist Cops” movement is now underway.  for bringing an unacceptable poster to the Clinton/Barrett rally, one Cop threatens  the Marine “You’re gonna’ get your ass kicked!”  No more Constitution, folks.  The thugs are in control…

Please help fight against union thuggery in Wisconsin. Donate NOW to the Campaign to Defeat Obama, a super PAC that is raising funds to run TV and radio ads in Wisconsin in support of Gov. Scott Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, and four Wisconsin legislators slated for recall in Tuesday’s vote.