Big Dave (formerly from Big D) posts this rumination on polling…

Remember this about polls.  People now lie to pollsters routinely, fearing the collection and use of data against them in the future.  There is far more fear of this being done by leftists than conservatives, with good reason.  Cheating, unfair advantages….. It’s how they roll.

Walker had a 2-3x larger victory than the polls foretold. On the same night, the MSM repeated a poll that showed Obama leading Wisconsin 52-43% over Romney. They wanted us to know this recall loss didn’t mean Obama would lose Wisconsin. But.. Obama’s name makes people lie to pollsters that much more than they already do..  

They don’t want to be called racists, so they overstate their support for him. It’s a side effect of the left playing the race card so often. I suspect any poll with Obama in it is likely to be even more inaccurate than a state election like this one was.

There is good reason to fear the collection and use of information against individual voters, with Google being a frequent guest in the White House and with Facebook coming under the new scrutiny of millions because they fear their personal data being collected and sold as a part of a new business model of the newly accountable FB. 

Personal data is the new plastics, the new “black gold”, the new way to make bazillions of dollars. Not to mention, if you’re unscrupulous, you can use personal data with political meaning to exert some pressure on individuals in the future. I’m thinking of the mailed list of neighbors who voted and did NOT vote in the last election, the one that was received by people all over Wisconsin this week. 

Those who fear the collection of data and its use against them are far from nuts; this is where the future is headed, and quickly.

So, Wisconsin proves the MSM and the left were utterly wrong about the fading away of the tea party. The protests are over, and the background work is well under way. You don’t see us, but wow, do you hear from us in the voting booth. It also proves that polling can no longer be trusted– by ANYBODY. The inside polls of the pros aren’t any better than the public polls when the people are knowingly lying to and misleading pollsters. The longer term side effect of leftist tactics has been to rob them of the tool of good polls.  Without them, the left will have only their warped and hateful perspective to guide them to future victories.

I predict fewer of those.  🙂  Even in the mighty blue states, like Wisconsin.  It last went Repub in a presidential election in ’84, Reagan’s second time around.  Romney won’t excite like Reagan did, but….  maybe the voters will be excited already, to get rid of the corruption and danger.  Maybe the old saw– that you can’t win an election just by having something or someone to vote against– just isn’t TRUE anymore.  Another political singularity.  🙂


… as Limbaugh pointed out earlier–

when a voter comes out of a booth in Wisconsin, having just voted for Walker, he then encounters a union rep or network TV guy doing exit polling.  Think he’s going to admit he voted for Walker if he works for the union?  If he’s a Democrat? 

I think the exit polls are as far off as any other poll, because people are genuinely afraid of the psychos and worried for their own lives and jobs and peace.  So they lie and say they are Barrett supporters, and go home nervous.Polls have been wrecked by crazy lefty behavior.  They can no longer trust the tool they formerly trusted above and beyond anything else, all principles, all common sense, it was all abandoned so they could act in accordance with the polls.  

Now the polls are ruined for them.  They did it to themselves.  Even the exit polls… especially those.