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Floridians!  Vote for Conservative Dave Weldon for US Senate. Everyone else, please donate to his campaign.  Latest press release:  

In the last several days the Weldon for Senate campaign has seen an encouraging outpouring of support from registered Republican primary “super voters,” Conservative leaders and other Republicans in search of a solid, proven candidate for US Senate.

In one day alone, Weldon for Senate received 50 times more donors and Facebook “likes,” as well as a considerable increase in Twitter followers and contributors to the campaign.

”It is clear, as we get closer to the Primary and as the number of viable candidates dwindles, this campaign has become a two-man race between me and Connie Mack,” said Weldon. “Florida Republicans know that Connie Mack is unprepared to take on Bill Nelson in November. And Republicans who want to win back the Senate are now turning to the proven Conservative.”

“Also, Mack has disappointed and angered many Conservative Republicans by declaring himself the winner of a Primary contest that has two months left.” continued Weldon.

“It appears to many that Mack either has little respect for the grass roots voter or has too great a fear of being exposed in face-to-face debates with me.” concluded Weldon.

“Increasingly, we are seeing a positive shift.”