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Dave from Dallas:

Let’s get this as clear as possible.

From the beginning, when Vastly Devious was just an idea in the minds of Holder, Obama et al in the spring of 2009, there was one thing they wanted to achieve with their then-secret distribution of American-bought guns into the hands of narco terrorists.

CRIME.  The kind of terrible wave of crime they could link to those guns and then use to gin up support for increased gun regulations. Remember, we were never intended to know about government’s role. We were to be told it was lax gun store regulation.

Now, are black rifles with 30 round banana mags used for… carjacking?  Shoplifting?  Mugging? No. The AR15, the AK47, the “long guns” (meaning not pistols but assault weapons) with big banana magazines holding 30 rounds… they are used by soldiers, and narco terrorists, for one thing. KILLING PEOPLE. Everyone knows what a military style weapon is for. Obama knows. Holder knows. When CRIMES are committed with those guns, people DIE.

Holder and Obama wanted crimes committed with these guns along our border, so they could publicize the crime wave and call for gun controls. This means, de facto, people were going to DIE if the plan was going to WORK. And they wanted it to work.

The deaths of hundreds of Mexicans, and two American agents, are not JUST “collateral damage”. Lots of people dying was NECESSARY for their plan to work. Part and parcel of their crime wave. They knew and understood this.

We are dealing with a level of depravity and deceit in our leadership that I fear most people are completely unwilling to admit to themselves. These men are tyrants, death-dealers, deeply depraved and disturbed. They are unworthy of leadership at the very least, and ought to be brought up on 200 counts of manslaughter by depraved indifference.


The difference between Operation Wide Receiver vs Fast & Furious.