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“Since the SCOTUS decision on ObamaCare, I have seen an alarming uptick of people calling for open revolution…people who do not normally speak of such things and people who most certainly do not comprehend what they are demanding.  This is my letter to the Armchair Generals calling for civil war.  I hope you will all share in an effort to clib these people off the precipice of disaster.” — Stephani Scruggs, Unite in Action

Armchair Generals clamoring for revolution, I reject you.

You have watched too many glory movies and know nothing of the burden you demand.

Do not ask for what you cannot comprehend, for civil war is no matter of glory. It is not flags and fireworks nor the stuff movies are made of.  It is pain, blood, horror and unspeakable depravity. You who now call so vociferously for war….are you prepared to watch your houses burned to the ground with your family inside? Or your mothers imprisoned in a dark, dripping hole for the simple crime of giving birth to you, the self styled revolutionary? Are you prepared for your young sons to be shot, their limp bodies hanging over the garden fence because the hunger tearing their bellies drove them to scavenge for food too close to enemy lines? Will you still cry so loud for violence when your daughter is raped by enemy troops and your wife forced to watch before they take her too? Will your soul shed a tear as your smallest children are stuffed under a bed for protection while bullets pummel their brother’s body in the next room…the holes and blood forever staining the wall as a reminder of what their father so foolishly demanded? Will you think twice when the person you have to shoot is your brother, your father, your sister, your neighbor?