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JetDriver2, a regular listener of my radio show and a retired TWA pilot reminded me that this is the anniversary of the night an aircraft went down off the coast of Long Island. Here’s what he wrote:

Jack Cashill, author of “First Strike: TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America”:

 “270 eyewitnesses reporting seeing a missile strike on TWA Flight 800 – the FBI interviewed none of them.”

If you are still not convinced that TWA 800 was brought down by a missile, and that the Clinton administration concealed it in a massive cover-up engineered by Clinton administration Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, listen to the description by USAF Reserve Major Fritz Meyer, a Long Island attorney and former naval aviator, describing what he witnessed from the cockpit of his Blackhawk helicopter on the south shore of Long Island on the evening of July 17, 1996:


On April 13, 2011 Andrea Shea King hosted a special program on the topic of the downing of TWA 800 in her nightly show at www.BlogTalkRadio.com after I wrote an article which she posted on her site.

Here is a link to my article:


Jack Cashill was Andrea’s guest for that show, and I called in to participate in the discussion with Jack Cashill. Another private TWA 800 researcher called in as well, and  provided some important new information concerning missile damage to the horizontal stabilizer and jackscrew in the tail area of the Boeing 747, confirming a missile attack.

Incidentally, Jack is also a Purdue graduate. He and I have stayed In touch on the Obama eligibility issue.  I have his book “First Strike” and I have read it carefully.

The role of the Clintons in covering up this attack and directing orchestrated lying to the American people is a despicable betrayal of the trust placed in them by this nation.

The downing of TWA 800 is an open wound in the psyche of this nation, the consequences of which led directly to the tragedy of 9/11.

These matters, as well as the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma city and the Waco massacre, are all matters of profound significance to the nation. None of these tragedies have been properly investigated.

The affected families and the American people deserve the truth.

It is long past time for elected American officials to order new investigations designed to expose the truth of what really happened on February 28, 1993 in Waco, TX; on April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City; on July 17, 1996 over the Atlantic Ocean off the south shore of Long Island; and on September 11, 2001 in New York City.

David F. LaRocque
Captain TWA (ret)

July 17, 2012

TWA Flight 800: 16 Years and Still No Questions

By Jack Cashill


Here’s what Dave “ThirdWaveDave” Logan wrote about it:



I have always had a bad feeling about the crash of TWA flight 800. Something just wasn’t right. Jack Cashill has investigated this crash more than any other human being, and I think his conclusions have merit. In this article, he brings Sotomayor into the mix. Interesting, to say the least.

TWA 800 Anniversary: July 17 is the 13th anniversary of the crash off Long Island. In this article, Cashill writes about Gorelick and her involvement. 

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