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“Does it come with that couch, or has it been made into a dress for the wife already?” – HeatherRadish

BIG FUR HAT slays me.  Readers’ comments finish me off…

Wanna Rent Obama’s Old Apartment?

It’s 2400 clams a month.

In this personal photo combo released by Phil Boerner, right, and his college roommate, Barack Obama, in their New York City apartment in the early 1980s.

Am I the only one whose Gaydar is going off like Jo Anne Worley?

142 West 109th Street
Upper West Side (get directions)

$2,400 / month (currency converter)

Live Like the President!!! Barack Obama’s former apartment is now on the market for rent. Be a part of history and live where the President lived while he attended Columbia University. Who knows, you just might end up in the White House one day. The apartment is a two bedroom, one bath located on West 109 Street. Fully renovated with lots of … (more)

“And for an extra three dollars, Barack and Michelle will come over for dinner!”