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It’s been a while since I’ve talked with Anita MontCrief.  I was among the first to interview her about ACORN when very few would take the time to give her a platform.  I found Anita to be sweet, sincere, highly intelligent and dedicated to the truth.  

On subsequent occasions, we’ve run into each other at various conferences, and it’s always a joy to hug each other in a hail fellow well met kind of way.

A friend sent me this video of Anita’s remarks before the Americans for Prosperity Foundation Florida CPAC Conference held in Orlando last September 23, 2011.  I’m sorry I missed it.  But I’m glad for the opportunity to watch this two-part video.

You will be too.  Clear your calendar for 20 minutes.  It’s well worth it.

And now, here’s Anita…

Note that the late Andrew Breitbart was in the audience and among those who gave Anita a standing ovation.  We miss him.